It is evident how websites are ruling on every sector right from stalls to big business, it is now an important part for every business to win. ‘Mornings’ always used to start with a hot cup of tea and newspaper in the other hand, Digital world has not completely replaced the newspapers but has found a way to help the readers in their busy hectic day where they can sit and browse the news easily at their time.

There are millions of blogs and websites for magazines and news. If you are also looking to design and publish the website for news and magazines. We had picked up some cool ideas which will inspire your designs. We can help you build these beautiful websites, we have a skilled developer and designer in the house who can give your websites a professional kick, visit our website at









Vanity Fair
Vanity Fair

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Ars Technica

ARS Technica

Business Insider

Business Insider

Computer World






Advertising Age



Financial TimesFinancial Times

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RT Questionmore


Seattle TimesThe Seattle Times


International Business Times
Website Development Services - International Business Times

Android Central

Android Central

The Atlantic
The Atlantic



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Vox Topics

The Blaze

The Blaze



The Japan Times

The Japan Times

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Telegraphwebsite design cheap

Rapplerwebsite creation company

Pastewebsite creation companies

VOA Newswebdesign inspiration

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NY Postwebsite development services

Indie Wirewebsite development costs

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Jpostwebsite developer


Iraqi Newswebsite designer


The Tribunewebsite design services

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Ellewebsite design inspiration


TVLinewebsite design for company


Tom’s Guidewebsite design for business


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CollegeHumorwebdesign inspiration


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The Hollywood Reporterwebsite design inspiration

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The Hill
website developer company


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Todaywebsite design for company


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The Jakarta Post

website design cheap


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Ottawa Business News

Ottawa Business News


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