Are you looking to hire an SEO business but aren’t sure what to ask them beforehand?

Here are some tips from North London SEO – My Online Marketer on the matter.

What is your opinion about content, the site’s technical structure, and link profile?

Ask the SEO company to analyze those three SEO factors and how they influence your site’s visibility in the search engines. More specifically, ask about link building.

What kind of changes will you make to my website?

Find out if they’ll be making off-page changes, on-page changes or both. If they make on-page changes, then targeted keywords will need to be used on various sections of the site. Off-page, on the other hand, will require the experts to work on your metadata, such as changing title tags and descriptions.

How Will You Build links?

When it comes to building links, quantity is nowhere near as important as quality, and it is essential to have a balanced link profile. Guest articles on relevant blogs and websites can help, and so can publishing insight into your industry on third-party sites can help, and so can publishing articles on local websites. These are only  a few examples of how to build links and the SEO company you’re about to hire should clearly explain to you how they’ll build links.

Do you have a portfolio so I can see your past work?

References don’t matter because no SEO company is going to give you bad references, and you want to see their most recent examples of success. One of the things you want to look for is that the company can rank for short competitive keyword phrases.

What kind of SEO traffic increase do you think I’ll get and what kind of time frame are we talking about?

There are many factors that play a role in how much traffic you’ll get and when you’ll get it, but it really is all about high-quality articles. If you publish quality content regularly, you should see a very noticeable increase in traffic within a few months.

What keywords should be chosen to use on my site?

Although this is a difficult question to answer during an initial consultation, but the company should be able to get an idea of what kind of keywords they should target and have a general idea of how competitive those keywords are. Geographic considerations should be discussed, and keywords that are considered money keywords should be used. This includes words like cheap, luxury, buy, deals and so on.

How many team members do you have?

You want to know this because the size of the team tells you whether you’re dealing with a small company, medium or large SEO company. Small firms might be able to provide personalized services, but they may become extremely busy when they land lucrative clients. Meanwhile, large SEO companies can easily handle work in bulk.

Who will handle my assignment?

Will it be the owner of the company, specific team members or experts within certain niches. The bottom line is you’ll want to deal with someone who is highly qualified with SEO. If they are not, then the chances are you won’t get any results.

How long have you been doing search engine optimization?

Pay attention to how they answer this question and the way they answer it. If it has been less than three years, then make sure they have a proven track record and recent success stories.



When you’ve asked the above questions, ask yourself why you should choose them?

Go over this question for a little bit. If you are satisfied with the reasons why you should choose them, then go right ahead and hire them.