As per the Cisco’s Annual Cybersecurity Report, you will see that the numbers related to ransomware and other attacks are quite alarming. On the other hand, businesses also have a lot more to lose than just money or data during an attack and also why a corporate data backup strategy is so essential.

Few Facts about Cyber Data Loss and Cyber Attacks

  • More than half of all biz that are victims of a cyber-attack or data breach is subject to customer trust, public scrutiny and suffer losses in customer loyalty, brand reputation, and 29 percent of biz that are victims of attacks lose revenue. Nearly 40 percent of those biz loses revenues by about more than 20 percent.
  • Among companies that suffer breaches or attacks, almost a quarter of them lose major business opportunities following the data-loss events.
  • More than 20 percent of biz that suffers a cyber-attack or loses customers experience data loss.
  • And, 40 percent of those companies tend to lose more than 20% of their customers.

Risks to Business Data are Ubiquitous

Reports of malicious software and hackers are seen everywhere in these days. While these types of threats do pose major risks for businesses, they are also definitely, not the ultimate ones.

Therefore, keeping that in mind, we will cover some of the things that how data backup solutions can avoid your business from falling into the hand of cyber attackers and malicious software.

Simple Administration and Deployment

The ideal backup solution provides a central administrative tool to support mass deployment and rollout without end-user interference, with one streamlined platform to monitor activity feasibly and create policies.

IT teams can minimize resources and time required to deploy, install, and deal with backups across company mobiles, laptops, and smart devices, releasing up your team to move up the value chain to perform innovative and creative projects, server maintenance, or training.

Frontline IT Time is Reduced

A standard IT team spends major time responding to end-user requests for recovering lost devices and files.

With an enterprise endpoint backup solution adapted, the IT team intends to spend less effort and time on supporting the frontline platform. In one customer scenarios, more than 90% of calls for backup support vanished after end-users were able to do restores without IT assistance.

With lesser help-desk calls about lost files, data, the time invested in managing lost devices is reduced at a major part.

More End Users are Content

Let’s face it!

End users have enormous expectations for the IT team when they lose data. When a file is destroyed or lost, the priority question is, Where’s my data and files.

It’s expected that IT has a resolution in place to shield employee data and files. The IT team can respond quickly and positively, and access data backed up in the cloud and resulting in satisfied end-users and clients.

More dedicated response by IT to legal requests related to discovery and compliance. Due to the bursting volume of corporate data on endpoints and the rise of litigation to safeguard a business’s potent property, the need to collect and thereby preserve data have become more vital.

The Way End Users Gain Profit

In the majority of organizations without an endpoint backup solution, end users are backing up their respective devices, irregularly and inconsistently. Returning and restoring data backup to the hands of IT brings peace of mind to your employees and team members.

And, when data is stolen or lost, recovery is effortless.

Instead of having to carry laptops captive for a few hours or maybe days to make the shift to a new device, our IT Consultant team Houston can do a quick restore and issue a new laptop.

This keeps end-users highlighted on their work with minimal downtime always.

Zero Influence on Performance Levels

A reliable backup solution does not affect endpoint device performance. Because IT Development Katy professionals work round the clock behind the scenes, the majority of times, end-users do not even apprehend that their essential files are being backed up continuously and effortlessly as they perform their job roles. That means lesser disruptions and more uptime for your employees.

Empowering End Users Who Assist Themselves

Even if an employee damages a file, or leaves a laptop at home, they can access data immediately via the client, empowering them to restore files on their own without ever having to contact the IT department.

This has at a greater level reduced overhead, releasing up IT’s time to emphasis on other projects rather than handling these types of support requests.

File Sharing On The Go is Secured

Your employee’s priority is receiving the job done and staying productive, and in that context, may turn to unsecured and unreliable cloud services to share files, often mixing business and personal data essentially.

With ITsGuru state-of-the-art technology, you can render a 100% secure method for employees to share files with each other — whether remote or onsite.

Lastly, How Your Customers Receive Profit?

Protection from misuse or breach. While your customers may not be aware of your choices to govern and shield your biz data, the IT Software team at Houston assists protect critical information and shields behind the scenarios, so your chances of exposure and breach are greatly minimized— maintaining hard-won customer trust and protecting your brand.

The business benefits of cloud backup multiply when you implement the data backup solution. Managing the lifecycle of data across regions and users enhanced data governance for eDiscovery and compliance requirements.

Connect with our ITsGuru IT Support Houston and see how your backing up efforts is minimized.