It seems like every company has a website these days, but very few know how many qualified leads their website generates each month. Maybe you did a (DIY) do it yourself website, followed the template wizard and then you were done. You shared it with your family and friends. Maybe you have even partnered with an local Seo agency to attract leads to your website but failed to ultimately convert those website visitors into customers.

But, not much more has happened with your site in terms of converting website traffic into qualified leads in order to create a predictable and repeatable stream of stream of new leads, customers, and revenue. Your companies growth is at a standstill and you don’t know what happened or what to do at this point. Is it the product or service…or perhaps it is time for a redesign for your website to start generating more leads?

Signs You Need a Website Redesign:

  • Your website’s lead conversion rate is not increasing
  • Revenues and growth rate are stagnant or even declining
  • Low quantity of new leads generated by your website each month
  • It just doesn’t look good. You’re embarrassed to show people
  • Website isn’t mobile friendly and using Google AMP pages
  • Website “look & feel” that matches your brand
  • Competitors are beating you are gaining market share
  • Website and blog posts not ranking on page 1 of Google search
  • Website and blog are hard to manage internally

Not just the look of the site but the mechanism behind the face. Does your site have enough plug-ins? Is your site SEO optimized? Is it responsive and mobile friendly? What is your bounce rate? Are you susceptible to getting hacked? What is the speed your site loads?

If these are questions you have, don’t know how to answer, or didn’t know you should be asking; then it’s probably time for a website redesign.

Redesigning a website is often thought of as being more of a visual process, to make the site more appealing. While the look and feel are important, it should come second to content that speaks to your specific buyer personas. This is where working with web design agencies makes all the difference. Adding more content to the website so information is readily available to existing or potential customers is a serious need.

Another reason why re-designing websites in 2018 are necessary is that the Internet has evolved! Bandwidth has increased, new technologies have emerged, website users’ expectations have

changed. What was considered to be an extravagance a few years ago, is now a necessity! Because the Internet is evolving so quickly, less sophisticated websites tend to age more quickly than interactive websites, especially as more Internet users come to expect more from a website.


Top 5 Reasons to Redesign Your Website in 2019 Improve Lead Conversions

Top 5 Reasons to Redesign Your Website in 2018 Improve Lead Conversions

If your site isn’t achieving the sales or sign ups you were hoping for it could be that it’s too complicated to use or your call to action isn’t clear. By using Google Analytics you can see which are your most successful pages and which aren’t performing as well as they could. It is important to look at where you want your visitors to end up and how you are currently getting them there. Make a list of what is working and what isn’t and address the latter, leaving the former alone for now. Redesigning your website to achieve what it’s there for in the first place is a perfectly valid reason.

Improve Accessibility

Many website owners don’t consider making their website accessible to the disabled a high priority but the reasons for doing so are, at least, two-fold. First of all, if your site is not built for those with color blindness, poor eyesight or even blindness you are immediately reducing your target audience by thousands – that’s thousands of people who may well have bought from you if they’d been able to read your message. Secondly, a fully compliant, accessible website is regarded better by the search engines and will rank higher than those sites who haven’t taken accessibility into account. Which brings me to the third good reason for a website redesign.

Improve Search Engine Rankings

If you’re struggling to rank highly on the likes of Google, Yahoo! and Bing then refreshing your website and redesigning the badly built parts can help. They key here is to not go overboard changing all your links, but to subtly ‘fix’ the areas of your site that need it – changing page titles to be more relevant, updating content, that sort of thing.

Once you know your reason and what you want to achieve, you need to know HOW to go about giving your website a makeover. If you built the site yourself then you can, of course, redesign it yourself, but your company will always achieve more impactful results partnering with a web design agency. Updating your site in this manner gives you more control but can be a lot of work. The addition of widgets and new technologies may not be something you are familiar and where an agency not only saves you time but uses proven data to determine the best design.

To Improve User Experience

Visitors are quite impatient and make up their mind about your website very quickly. It’s important for a website to influence the visitors and stay ahead of the competition. Analyzing a competitor’s site is one of the important considerations of your website redesign process. If their site is better, it’s definitely the time to redesign your website as well. You can throw some darts and do it yourself, or hire local certified HubSpot website design agency that has built dozens or hundreds of websites A well-timed redesign could help you to supersede your competitors rather than having to play catch-up.

To Improve Messaging & Positioning

Have you made yourself a website just for the sake of having a website? Did you just make a dinky website on your own since you have no experience in website designing? If so, then chances are that you may want to redesign your website. If you have a business, you want to get the best results. The key to your success may not always be how appealing your website looks, rather how relevant your website content pertains to the pain points of your targeted buyer personas. This is where working with a local web design agency will ensure your website content speaks to the appropriate buyer personas. A website redesign or growth-driven design can help your business adopt a more data-driven approach needed to identify the strategies and persona- driven content, which have success rates of converting website visitors into qualified leads.



In 2018, the process and cost associated with B2B website design is unnecessarily becoming complex, instead of guiding the website visitor towards your clear call to action and automated conversion funnel. As a result, many websites without a clear call to action end-up failing to capture any information about the visitor, and often contribute little to the qualification of potential customers or assisting with the pre-sales process—thus losing your organization revenue.

Always remember that a business website is one of the most important marketing tools for generating new leads each month. It is not there to look “cool” or to keep your employees occupied with redesign exercises. Your business will be best served by partnering with a local web design agency to plan and redesign your company website using the HubSpot web design platform that shares content from your marketing components. This ensures your team has greater insight into what content is performing most effectively at each stage of your marketing funnel. In 2018, this is critical for increasing revenue in competitive industries. Spend the time, money and effort on great blog content, downloadable content offers, keyword optimization, search engine optimization and a professional design so that when users to hit your website, the content will be speaking to their particular pain points so they are more likely to convert into a marketing qualified lead.

In 2018, partnering with a certified HubSpot web design agency is critical when undertaking a new website redesign to ensure automated conversion funnels are running at peak performance. This is paramount to ensure once your top of the funnel marketing efforts succeeds in increasing your website traffic, your company will be in the best position to actually convert those website visitors into new marketing qualified leads.