How Facebook Is All Set To Roll Out A New Desktop App?

In April 2019, Facebook had declared that it is redesigning its desktop app. However, the latest design seems to have been under test all this time. Now, yet, Facebook has started to offer some users access to the new desktop practice.

Facebook says that it plans to provide the redesigned desktop app more largely before Spring 2020. Also has decided to put out a redesign of its desktop website to all users before this spring.

The redesign is the similar one that was in the talk about as far back as April 2019, which means there are chances it could end up being in testing for an entire year before Facebook rolls it out for all.

Currently, a few numbers of Facebook users have been given access to the redesigned desktop site on an invite only base. Facebook confirms the redesign will shortly be extensively accessible.

What should the users be expecting in Facebook’s Desktop Redesign? 

The company describes the redesign as a simple, fresh, Facebook, which makes it easier for users to do what they wish for. Based on the example given by Facebook, here are some of the critical amendments on the way:

  • Light and Dark mode alternatives
  • Facebook Stories center and front. 
  • Mobile app-like navigation menu.

 Facebook proclaimed almost a year ago that it was working on the latest, redesigned home page for the web, but it didn’t reveal when that would be made accessible to users across the social media world. 

Now we know that the social network deliberates for The New Facebook to be available this spring month. The interface will be a quicker and cleaner one that will hope to do away with some of the disorder Facebook has been identified for- while stating that a minor percentage of users now have accessibility to the new application, the widespread release won’t be accessible until this spring. There’s still a chance that you will be have the option to see the new design before then. 

All being well, everyone will have access to the new interface by March 19th, assuming Facebook hits its deadline. Part of the redesign will include a new dark mode for those who prefer things to look a little stealthy. We don’t know whether that will be an option within the Facebook settings, or if it will honor Windows and macOS dark mode themes.

No matter whether you’re using the light or dark theme, you should see much less of that blue and white theme, Facebook is so famous for, though. The company is trying to modify itself, presumably to escape some of the many controversies it’s endured in recent years.

The small number of people who are getting the privilege to the redesigned app will see a pop up inviting them to help test what the company calls- ‘The New Facebook,’ as they log in their Facebook accounts. If users agree to test the new design, they will have the choice to use the website in dark mode or with white background.

Notably, until the global rollout of the new interface, Facebook is offering users who agree to test the redesigned website the alternative to switch back to the older version of the app.

People can also give feedback to the company, telling it if some feature is not functioning correctly or comprehensively sharing their thoughts.

The news of commencing the test for the redesigned desktop app comes as Facebook is fighting various privacy and corporate controversies.

Facebook once again made some modifications to its political ads policy. However, it continues to refuse to ban fake ads.

After trials, users can give the company feedback. Users can provide overall user experience, including the defaults on the app.

It also argues that government regulators and lawmakers have targeted Facebook. They have previously elevated the probability of fines for Facebook executives’ poor behavior.

Facebook said it would start giving the new design last year, but still hasn’t broadly made it available. The company did, however, redesign its mobile app with a similar look, which implies the redesign might be coming soon.

Facebook has promised to bring its own operating system dubbed Facebook OS, new portals on the application, a voice assistant, cloud gaming, among other new features.

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