Which Graphic Design Career Suits You [Infographic]

In case you are looking for a career in Graphic Designing then you are at the right place. This is the perfect information you should dig in right now. Many of you are all confused on which graphics designing career is suitable for you. I will give a one-stop solution.

There are three different levels of graphic designing.

  1. Print designing- At this level, you just need basic designing tools and $36000 annual fees.
  2. Animator- To become an animator you need a bachelors degree. You have to pay an annual fee of $64000.
  3. Mid-level print designer- This is a mid-entry level. You need a bachelors degree in design, 2-5 years of experience and fees of $37000 to $69000 annually.
  4. Senior level print designer- At the senior level, you need more than five years of experience with bachelors in design and marketing.
  5. Commercial artist- Again an entry-level career. You require a strong portfolio with 2 + years of experience.
  6. Logo designer- A entry level career with a degree in design plus portfolio.
  7. Packing designer- A mid-level career with bachelors in design or marketing and an experience of more than two years.
  8. Print marketing designer- Entry level career which requires a bachelors in design and a minimum one year of experience.
  9. Print publication designer- A mid-level career entry with a bachelors in design or marketing and an experience of more than two years.
  10. Art or creative director- A senior entry level with a bachelors degree in design and six plus years of experience.

Start the career you aspire for. If graphics designing is your passion then choose the most suitable career for yourself and start following your heart.

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