Small business owner must have been adviced many times to use SEO strategies to get that presence online. So you start spending some time and build a website for your company. But you have not optimized your site.
You don’t have the time to deal with all the SEO stuff. Search engine optimization is a technical thing and needs time and guarantee for results. Many business houses hesitate to hire an SEO agency irrespective of how much they have heard about its necessity.

Here are a few factors why people are afraid of SEO.

1. There is no secret sauce

If you think SEO is the secret sauce that will start working immediately, then it is a disappointment for you. SEO is a long process. You need to wait for an SEO strategy to show some results.

Every strategy and campaign yields some measurable and significant ROI. SEO is undoubtedly one of those strategies that will help your business grow. You will see the positive impact on your ROI from the slow arrival of SEO. Small business owners think that SEO is not relevant and keep it in lower priority.
The new SEO will give time and money in it and may get frustrated due to the lack of results. This will put you as an owner to stick out the SEO campaign.

Your SEO should understand that every company is different and the SEO strategy needs to be formulated depending on individual business. You will eventually see the results if your SEO selects the right strategy. You need to have the patience sauce to look at the results.

SEO will get your business strategy right, but all you need is the patience sauce and not wait for a magic sauce.

2. It’s time-consuming

Those new to SEO think that the online marketing strategy is a long process involving many parties. Optimizing website means your SEO needs to consider many factors. But these things should not be done at the same time.

Those new to SEO end up asking for expensive and time-consuming SEO strategy. Then you look for immediate results, and it appears that all the efforts are gone in vain. Well, patience is the key.

You can tackle SEO with a couple of these options. The first option is to hire a digital marketing agency to hand over all the SEO tasks and responsibility. If you cannot remove time to deal with the SEO business you can delegate the same to a digital marketing agency.

The second option is to tackle SEO all by yourself. You cannot do it all by yourself. Start off by doing little at a time. You can save money, but you will have to teach a lot of time learning the SEO process.

3. SEO is technical

Small business owner new to SEO has a myth that SEO is a complicated process that can be handled by web developers or smart computer nerds. SEO owners feel that they are unqualified to implement SEO or even attempt to learn it.

But you should know that much of the SEO part can be done by anyone. You don’t need to be a technical person or a developer to do basic SEO. Basic SEO is easy to learn and can be learned in just a few hours of time.

When your company is new, you are also new to SEO. It is best to focus on implementing on a few simple fundamental SEO elements.

There are technical elements, and small businesses are concerned that a digital marketing agency will convince them with a ton of industry-specific terms and make misleading claims.

4. The Punishment and Penalties

Pursuing SEO without any insight on Google algorithms attracts Google’s SEO penalty. There are many potential penalties that the business owner is unaware of. If you are doing SEO on your own you need to read about all the Google approved best practices. After that, you can formulate a foolproof formula to achieve the desired ranking. Even after all the reading, you have done you find out that Google despises your SEO method.

In this case, you need to hire an experienced digital marketing agency having a history of providing effective strategy formulated using Google best practices. Therefore, small businesses should also opt for an SEO agency.

5. Their Brand May Appear Artifice

Some business owner is reluctant to begin and implement an SEO strategy because they think doing this will make them look fake in the public eye. You have this misunderstanding as you have seen instances in which SEO is used as a strategy to buy traffic.

SEO has this bad reputation in the past for being a cheap, artifice way to cheat the search system and buy traffic. But this has changed now. SEO is far more about providing valuable information not merely tricking the search engines. Plus the Google police will always keep an eye on your SEO policies.

You can quickly fix the old tactics by just looking on the web. The technical aspect of the SEO should remain in the background while the writing, the design should be directly related to user experience.

6. Getting traffic but not customers

The most concerned aspects of SEO are keywords. Keyword search and targeting the audience is a common tactic that is immediately initiated when you start a new campaign. In case you are doing this on your own you quickly run into a vast number of relevant keywords and overwhelmed with the number of possibilities.

How to decide which keywords to focus on for your SEO strategy?

Learn about keyword analytics and come up with buyer personas can help you get an idea which keywords will get your website the desired ranking. The keyword analytics will help you with appropriate keywords that will help users find your site on Google.

The more you analyze your website you will get the keywords that will attract the target audience that will convert from normal traffic to paying customers.

7. SEO’s Complexity

You will be surprised when you first find out the factors taken into account while ranking your website. There are more than 100 factors Google considers while listing your site. The ranking factor comes with a lot of Google factors to consider.

The complexity of SEO scares away the business owners. Owners surely don’t have the time to deal with all the complexity.

Small business owners should go slow. They should concentrate on one strategy at a time. It will take time to create a customer base. But slowly and steadily that will happen.

Large organizations have the money and resources to deal with all the complexity at once. They can infuse capital and hire experts to do all the SEO work.

SEO does take time, money and effort. The fears that SEO is complicated, artifice, and attracts penalties are common misconceptions. Once you get detailed insight about SEO yourself, you will become comfortable and confident to implement your own strategies. Working closely with a digital marketing agency will give you confidence, and you will get the desired results.