Marketing managers won’t normally be across all aspects of an SEO campaign.


For brands running an internal SEO project, they will have specialists dedicated to the niche task as they diligently work away in the background making small gains over time. Outsourcing an SEO project with a specialized business such as SEO Shark can be an effective option to keep your operations streamlined and focused on what you do best.


However, there are some core elements of search engine optimization that a boss should understand and be able to check at their own leisure.

In 2019 this is a domain that can no longer be relegated to the side because it helps to drive consistent streams of consumer traction and revenue.

This is a discipline that does not require in-depth education to grasp the concepts, just an awareness of their importance to the brand.


Diverse SEO Content Creation

If a brand is one-dimensional when it comes to content creation for SEO purposes, that should act as a red flag for a marketing manager. When logging onto each individual page, they should be able to come across new articles, fresh videos, images, downloadable files and more. Gone are the days when a website would be built purely around written content because these other forms of multimedia help to attract users and search engines alike.


SEO Mobile Compatibility

A very quick check that any manager can run is seeing if the brand’s website is compatible with a mobile device. In order to master SEO in 2019, this is a facet that cannot be ignored. From a standard iPhone or Samsung device, these individuals can navigate a page to check if the content is appropriately structured and presented. Any setback in this domain will be harmful for the enterprise.


Local SEO

Any enterprise that is hoping to attract constituents from a particular suburb or city should be focusing on their local SEO requirements. All this step requires is to include a suburb or city name within the keyword strategy, implementing the location as a core element of the promotion. Marketing managers can quickly ascertain if this is part of the program or not, pressurizing specialists to include these locations in order to win over a constituency they are targeting for traffic.


Meta Tags & Schema Markup for SEO

One of the tricky departments that could be considered too technical for marketing managers to oversee are the meta tags and scheme markup. The former involves the use of keywords within the titles, descriptions and alt-text of content to suit the requirements of Google crawlers. The next element with schema markup suits a similar purpose for optimization, ensuring that the URL structure is sound as each page is appropriately categorized from the top tier down.


Is There a Long-Term SEO Strategy?

Arguably the most important element that marketing managers should be on top of with an SEO campaign surrounds strategy. In the absence of any plan, operators are left to make choices on the fly and there is no consistency with the messaging for the brand. This creates a series of problems as constituents are unable to decipher what the business is actually about and who it is for. Such a requirement does not negate the need to have the versatility and change a blueprint as events occur, but there should be specific targets and objectives that all participants are made aware of.

SEO Conclusions

Sometimes it is beneficial for managers inside an organization to have a “hands-off” approach. Particularly for SEO operators who need to run diagnostics and include fresh content for the search engine, they are better served when they are empowered to do their job without consistent oversight and micromanagement of their duty. That being said, there has to be an acknowledgment and appreciation for the value of the exercise where a manager can ensure that targets are being met.