When it comes to creating your own top-ranking website, numerous people have it in their heads that SEO (search engine optimization) is some sort of rocket science.

The main reason why you probably want to hire an agency or expert to handle it though isn’t because you don’t know how to do it, or that it’s hard work, it’s just that it can be meticulous, at times tedious, and you may lack the time to worry about it.

But in a nutshell, this SEO made simple guide will explain some things and help you hopefully get your website on the right track so you can continue climbing the ranks of Google, and even get a heads up on the competition before you have to hire someone else to help you with it.


What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is literally just the way you make your content optimized sop your website is more visible to a search engine when someone searches for a certain keyword or key phrase.

But there’s more to it than just keywords. There are various types of SEO that can affect just how fast and how long you can possibly take up the ranks.  Talking to an expert will be of great help as well.  A great option to talk with is https://punchseo.com/buffalo-seo/.


Black Hat Market

For example, if you use black hat SEO (we’ll describe this in a nutshell in this sentence), you’re more than likely having terrible quality pages full of keywords, hidden links, and more. This can get you a quick jump on a search engine, but if the page lingers for very long, it could affect the entire ranking of your whole website, and possibly get you banned from being listed on the search engine at all.


Wear the White Hat

With white hat tactics, you can easily climb the ranks of Google, but the main thing you want to have is patience, because it will take a while for Google to spider and crawl your business, and website to be a successful top result. Do you work or donate to charities?

Be careful about donating to charity and then getting a link back to your website from that said charity. This can easily be mistaken (even if the charity gives you a thank you for being so generous legitimately) as a backlink for donation, and things like this you may want to watch out for because it is against many search engine policies.


Conclusion: How can I Top Rank?

The most important thing is to have quality content on your website that is related to your keyword results that you want to have. No, don’t have keywords spam your website, but use things like page title, headers, and more with your keyword or phrases for your company in them.

Also, there are ways to get around the backlinking issue and take over Google, such as using keywords to link to other images. Another key tool that you can do is ensure that a key phrase you want (like Subversive Visions Design) is included with alt image tags (i.e. – “Subversive Visions Design payment button”). All of those little things add up.

Utilizing the play on word, as well as maintaining social media accounts that link to your website, or have pretty relevant content to it is extremely important in the “gray area” of the white and black hat tactics.

Optimize your data for fast loading times, and mobile viewability and navigation as these are two factors that get the fastest indexes on Google. And don’t hesitate to list your business on Google either. It’s free, and you don’t necessarily have to pay for advertising if you don’t want to.