When it comes to shared and dedicated hosting, it’s important to realize what you’re paying for. There are a few major differences between shared and dedicated hosting is that with shared hosting, you’re sharing a giant web server (this doesn’t necessarily mean that you are sharing one computer, but merely one larger networked server), and with dedicated hosting, you are literally using a server that is dedicated to you.

Other things you will notice are major price differences between the two, with some shared hosting packages being around 10 dollars compared to dedicated prices being no less than 40 dollars, but you get the convenience of higher uptimes, more traffic dedicated to your server, and more ram so you can run things like web aps.

All About Site Creation

When it comes to easy site creation, that is one thing that you want to make sure of is that you can use easily that is loaded with services. One of the key things to point out is the price of a dedicated server being higher means that you have more usability functions available as well. Sites like A2Hosting are the best when it comes to being able to create your own custom website in minutes, because of their ease of use, the ability to install an A2Hosting managed (or manual install of) WordPress, and so much more.

The benefits of this is that A2Hosting is one of the fastest servers, and one of the highest rated servers out there, shortly being trailed by market giants (that aren’t owned by the EIG – Endurance International Group) known as 1&1 Ionos according to My Best Hosting Review.

Website Builders

Using various plugin packs like the free or premium add-ons for WordPress Beaver Builder, and the popular-growing platforms WooCommerce (for web stores), and Elementor, you can create an amazing website in minutes, then start to customize certain features with some drag and drop flexibility. Ionos has hosted WordPress options available for free with your account as well, and you can do the same thing here as you can with A2Hosting.

Dedicated Perks

Most of the time, you’re going to have a higher bandwidth allowance with a dedicated server compared to an actual shared hosting server. If you’re hosting a site that is starting to get more regular traffic, with users constantly streaming videos on your site, downloading files, and visiting your page, it’s imperative that you have more unlimited bandwidth options available. While most companies do offer unlimited bandwidth for smaller packages, do keep in mind that you’re sharing a server with everyone else, so if there is peak traffic (just like when you have DSL high-speed internet), you’re going to get slower page-load times than you would with a dedicated server.

Conclusion: Is Dedicated or Shared Right for Me?

Most of the time, this depends on if you’re planning on having a large amount of traffic at one time. Are you going to be running a nationwide company that is going to consistently get users from all over? And are you running a fully-fledged business? Or just a self-made personal or freelance page? Things like this are important to consider.

Also, one thing that you can think about is if you’re going to add things like RSS feeds, or XML blogs in your page. These generally take up more bandwidth and you want your users to have the highest amount of uptime without needing to constantly buffer their media players. If you are, then you may want to go with dedicated hosting. Otherwise, you may not actually need it.