Content generation will remain one of the core competence of digital marketing in 2019. Developing unique and extraordinary content is the key to achieve your digital marketing goals.

One of the major questions that come up is,” How can you create more and more engaging content regularly?”

It is highly significant to remember that you are an expert in the industry. So your knowledge can be an exciting and new for your audience.

Sometimes it may get difficult to come up with a unique idea. There will be times when you will go through a dry spell and you need a fresh perspective for content creation. There are a number of tactics to get more creative with your content.

Here are some tips for generating unique content ideas.

1. Regular Communication With Your Audience

Know your audience is the basic strategy for meeting the expectation of your target audience. Some marketers prefer to interview their customers when they first start a new job or project.

Collecting information and regular feedback from multiple communication platforms will help you give detailed insights about your audience.

  • Set social media listening tools
  • Conduct Surveys and collect responses
  • Make some phone calls to get reactions from clients
  • Track the calls of your customers and set aside some time to listen to the recordings from your customer services or sales lines.

Your audience is the best resource for ideas and new content stories. You can convert these questions into content-driven articles.

2. Schedule Time To Gain Insights On New Information

Keeping an updated knowledge of your industry is highly essential to produce interesting content.  When you take a mix of information and put it into a new piece, the reader gets something new to read.

To gain insights into your industry subscribe to blogs, listen to podcasts and read books. Reading every kind of book can give you a new idea for your next project.

You can track industry information with the help of social listening tools. Set up these tools to monitor customer information. Following the industry and keeping an eye on your competitors is the right strategy to develop.

As days get busier, you tend to forget about these things. If these things drop off your priority list, it will reach critical to your creativity.

3. Brainstorm With Your Team Regularly

A group of heads brainstorming new ideas is always better than a single head. There are times when you feel stuck and out of ideas. With your team, you can have a basket full of ideas for your next content marketing project.

Get the team members from different backgrounds and from experienced levels. Executives from sales, customer service, social media, PPC, SEO, etc. will all have different experiences and different perspectives to share. Select a group of representatives from various departments and meet on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Give the team a background check on the information, so that they come prepared for the meeting and follow a brainstorming format that does not restrict anyone’s ideas. Creativity flows without any restrictions. No idea is a bad idea in a brainstorming session. Just take information from all and choose the selected ones.

4. Use Free Tools

Coming up with content ideas is a common problem among all content creators. Some marketers have developed tools to make your research easier.

You have some idea about a keyword, or maybe you want to upload an infographic, but you are not sure about the area in which your potential customers are interested in.

Following are the tools that can be especially helpful:

  • Google Free tools – Trends, Keyword Planner, Suggest
  • Use topic research tools like-  BuzzSumo (Free Trial), Answer the Public
  • Hubspot’s Blog Idea Generator (Free Trial)

5. Take Digital Marketing Offline

You are always constructing content for online marketing. But you need to open your mind as the real world is full of possibilities. The real world marketing may bring a lot more creative ideas to you.

You can send a kit with the details of your social media account and other work you do. Send a personalized message to your client in this kit. A personalized email can also work well.

Head for a tradeshow with your sales team. Partner them with an entire digital marketing campaign that matches with their in-person efforts.

Being a marketer, you can get ideas anytime, anywhere. Jot these ideas and have the plan to implement these ideas. Create your own creative repository with tools like Google Drive or a private board on Pinterest.

Great ideas take time and often come with end number of possibilities. There are hardly times when you have an incredible idea with little effort. A creative marketing idea always needs regular production and diligent pre-work.

Most of the creative marketers have a method of organizing information from various sources so that they have a funnel to feed all the creativity.