If you are hoping to increase conversion rates by identifying your online customers? You are on the right track.

Identifying and then throwing a dart is a successful key for any business. Also, it has an exponential value. On the other hand, it’s also not necessary that you will get a quick spike in revenue.

Patience and effective strategies-blend of both will work wonders!

Defining your online target audience is the foundation of all elements of your marketing strategy, starting from how you to develop and label your products, or how when and which marketing channels do you use to promote them.

Here’s a hint before we dig in: Your target audience is not “everyone.” Your chore in defining your target group is to identify and comprehend your particular niche so you can rule over it.

Let’s start with understanding why identifying your target audience matters.

If you know pointers such as;

  • Who the people are- You know how to captivate their attention, the sites they visit, the content they read, the search engine they use to search the stuff in Bing, Yahoo, Google, etc.
  • How do they describe the type of services you offer- You can copy the word on your site to match the conversation or thoughts they have in mind
  • What they want- All that matters is value proposition and relevancy.
  • How their life is enhanced- Anticipating for the service, they have used and using the key factors to communicate better.
  • What they don’t care about- Whether you trim or add the content.
  • How they choose and compare other products and so on- Be a pro in prioritizing and categorizing.
  • Also, so on..

Well, it’s a long list which if kept on describing will fall short of words!

Moreover, if by implementing this, it increases your conversions, keep it! If it doesn’t, do not be discouraged yet, as every coin has two sides.

All it requires is to move on to another way to boost the revenue on your site. And if you offer and present it the way it matches the end user’s state of mind. Bingo!! you have gained a customer!

Moving on with the target audience identifying approach and selling more content, there are more similarities; the process ultimately comes down to three primary steps.

So what are they?

Step 1- Understand what you bring to the table

Step 2- Create your target customer personas

Step 3- Research, research, and research. Do not stop doing that.

Let’s learn more about it in an elaborative manner.

#1. Understand what you bring to the table- Before you start to dive in who your targeted customers are, you should precisely know why a new customer would be interested in you.

  1. the simplest way to do it by asking these simple questions;
  • What is the first thing your customers are using your brand for?
  • What are the significant things they get attracted to?
  1. Never miss on addressing their pain points
  • Now, this is the decider attribute; your job is to resolve those. If you overcome this, you have won more than half the battle
  1. What makes you distinct in the market?
  • If you don’t have a separate identity from what your competitor has, here’s what will lead them into; Who is affordable, approachable let’s go with them.
  1. Now that you have all the tactics and methodologies in hand such as who would benefit from it? What pains are you resolving? Finally, it’s time to create in-depth marketing personas.

Reaching to this part of the blog here will let you understand how can you easily keep the gush of your customers constant.

Well, starting with the definition of marketing persona seems a good idea out there.

As- “Marketing persona is a fabricated characteristic of your preeminent customer(s) based on their data  about them and how do they utilize your product or service.”

  • How many Patrick’s Hannah and Kevin’s have you created? Always remember you can’t target everyone, but you can sell to everyone.

The best way to keep the work in progress is to break it down into four different steps:

  • What does your ideal customer look like?
  • What does their buying process look like?
  • How can you get your selling brand in front of them?
  • Research, research. Don’t ever stop doing that!
  1. How does your ideal customer look like – Are they a fortune group of 500? An agency, a startup? What is the rough revenue ratio they earn? Where are they located?

Simply. All of this will serve you as your base foundation for target persona, enabling you to make an authentic decision whom to target with your advertising and marketing efforts?

  1. What does their buying process look like- it’s essential to understand whether they are buying or just searching/looking? Is there a need to convince? What would grab their attention more to buy?

Once you have answers to all of those questions, you will assuredly know whom you are trying to reach and what you want to sell.

  1. How can you get your selling brand in front of them- What are the end users investing their time into? Quora, LinkedIn, or Facebook? Do they like to read or love to watch the podcasts or listen? Which is the content that triggers them the most? Most important of all is knowing where they get their information from?

Thus, if taken all of this into consideration and you get to know where they go for answers you can start spending dollars in those places. Ultimately next time the question for which they are searching the answer for will come from you.

Isn’t that an expression of a sigh? Yes, it is!


  1. The research phase- Talk to your customers, shoot questions, ask them what led you choose our services if you cannot talk, look into their Google analytics, Facebook page insights, Twitter analytics. Also, you can dig into your competitors and there your boom!

If you’re working to increase online sales, you need to begin implementing techniques that your competitors haven’t even thought of yet.

Final thoughts

If you want more peaks than valleys, you have to concentrate more on research and data. Most important of all, you also have to focus on the needs of your customers over the needs of your business.

Also, to do this, you’ll need to test both-creative and time-honored ways.

Pro tip- Whatever you attempt, you should base it on the best research and make sure to test it yourself.

Now over to you, It’s time to get rolling and reign your dynasty by creating content that captivates, and connect your prospects, making them realize they have made a wise decision out there.

We will soon be back with freshly brewed content. Till then keep reading and increasing your conversion rates!