When you start a business, you have a vast checklist to-do list. You have ticked everything except for building a website of your own. If so, then you are not getting your marketing strategy right. Creating a website is not enough you need to implement most suitable SEO for your site to get that Google ranking.

You can’t do business without customers and to generate customers, you need to market your small business right. The era of old age marketing is long gone. It is the time where your potential customers will Google everything about your product. If you are on that first page of the search engine, you have won half of the race.
You need to optimize your website to make it search engine friendly. It means either you can hire an SEO company for small business or do your research by reading some guides online. If you organically rank the first page, you have the best lead generator.

Keys to get started with SEO for small businesses.


1. User-Friendly Websites

With SEO your small business can create a faster, smoother and user-friendly website. Most of the people still think that SEO is only about optimizing the site for search engines; however, SEO is also about improving the user experience. A well- structured, clean and uncluttered website makes the visitor stay longer, decreasing the bounce rate to your site.

A highly relevant content mainly the sales pages and blog articles keeps your readers happy. Content helps them solve issues and they get answers to the questions they are looking for. If you do the on-page SEO correctly, it will make the search engines happy. As search engines are only looking to serve high-quality information to their users.


2. Keyword Research

Begin the SEO process with first searching for keywords relevant for your product or service. The only purpose of this office is to understand what the potential customers are typing in the search engine to find your product. A list of keywords will give you a general idea how much traffic you can attract with some particular keywords. Keywords with medium to low competition will provide you with the highest possible search volume.


3. Sprinkle Keywords in content and Meta Data

Now that you have a bag full of keywords it is time for you to utilize these keywords in title tag, description tag, website title and content. Have a bag full of keywords to create content relevant to the keywords and see positive results you are looking for your website.


4. Directories

Submit your company to online business directories like Google My Business and Apple Maps Connect backlinking to your website. With these directories, you can track customers in your local area doing searches using the navigation apps. There are many business directories available for which you can hire services to help you submit a business directory.


5. Create Backlinks

A great backlink from a well-known website will get you favorable search engine rankings. It is important backlinks from top websites are more likely to work well. You can use techniques like directory listings, guest blogging and contributing to forums.


6. Page copy

Google search engine crawlers read content like humans. So craft a high-quality content by just sprinkling your keywords in the content. Do not overuse the keyword making look like a keyword obsessed content. Google will flag this as poor quality content by Google crawler. Overuse of keywords will have a negative user experience. Always stick to error-free, high-quality content and double check the content before hitting the publish button.


7. URL structure

URL’s can display your keywords to search engines. You need to find out way on how to include them. For the most part, you need to include the keywords in the resource path. Use lowercases and hyphens to separate words and URL.


8. Social media

You should join social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social media is the most trending marketing platform. Some social media channels may be more relevant to your while some may not.

For instance, you are a canvas painting site then Facebook and Instagram marketing is more relevant for your product as these creative products can generate more leads through these platforms.

While if you are an IT service provider or digital media marketer, LinkedIn is more relevant for your business as you are looking for more B2B clients.

Social media can create strong backlinks to your website allowing you to communicate with your customers directly. These platforms can spread word-of-mouth marketing.


7. Fresh Content

Do not compromise with your content. Keep writing new content regardless of your product or service. It is vital to keep writing your content and keep your site fresh. Suppose you are photography site. Google won’t recognize plain pictures. To get the audience through Google, you need to include content and useful blog articles. Content will enhance your audience reach relevant to your product.

A good website will always attract traffic using organic SEO methods. Use Inbound SEO methods to draw traffic organically. This is the primary job of the sites.


8. Bypass competition

You can bypass your competition by just having an optimized website. If you have an optimized site and your competitors don’t know you have leverage there. Everything else may be equal, but an optimized is going to attract more consumers. Consumers tend to trust a well-optimized site more.



SEO is a vital part to make your website look good online. If you think this SEO guide is confusing for you to hire an SEO specialist for further guidance. This will help you to level up with larger corporations. All small businesses must take advantage of the SEO techniques.

Your website will reach new levels by implementing these SEO strategies that will not fail to make you better than your competitors.