Are you thinking of maximizing a “managed service provider” (MSP) in 2019? You’re not alone! As per the research done by the marketing intelligence firm states that 30% of executives outsource at least some of their application and IT infrastructure portfolio to a managed service provider.

Eventually, this is expected to rise to 41% over the next five years! Isn’t that statistical percentage every IT provider needs to think upon?

Well, to help our readers, we have mentioned a few MSP strategies which can help you Build and Retain Strong Client Relations.

Before starting with it, let us understand why do Long-Term and strong Relationships Matter towards clients?

  • It’s low-cost to maintain customers than to replace them after they’ve gone.
  • It can cost up to 25 times more to acquire a new customer than it costs to retain a customer you already have.
  • That’s why it’s so important to provide the best customer service possible.

You also require a steady flow of monthly recurring revenue. The higher the number of customers you have, the more steady your profit margin becomes. When you have profit margins that rise and fall significantly from month to month, it’s tough to plan for your business expenses and growth.

Always remember the benefits of referrals, either. Don’t forget them!

The happier your customers are, more likely they are to refer your MSP to other companies in need of an IT Service Management Consultant.

Keeping your customers pleased is important for having a firm business and generating revenue.

There are numerous aspects you can implement, to build a stronger sales channel and get the majority out of your efforts. We use a four-stage sales guide that takes care of different thought processes; prospects progress through as they make a purchasing decision:

  1. Attract – Getting people to your marketing materials, and website, engaging them with useful information and value-oriented headlines.
  2. Delight – Maintaining a connection with past clients and existing customers to provide worth and build a strong relationship.
  3. Convert – Capturing lead information making use of high-quality resources.
  4. Close – Moving a captured lead down the channel to sale, a process that can take weeks or even months.

With three months remaining for a new year approaching, here are six tips for creating a great relationship with a new marketer/vendor – or improving the one you already have.

1. Know your skill sets (especially the drawbacks)

Working with a managed service provider shouldn’t mean giving up power or control of your IT.

Believe us, assessing your in-house skills will let you form an agreement that builds up your IT business strategy and gives you the peace of mind you need to spotlight on building your business knowing that you have your foundations covered.

2. Choose your provider wisely

You need to choose a provider who appreciates your unique requirements.

3. Define responsibilities clearly

This is a mainly essential step as even among managed service providers, there is a difference of view in precisely what a “managed service” is.

Ensuring you understand who is responsible for what will help you obtain what you are paying or investing in.

4. Behave with your MSP as part of the team

Even if you depend heavily on a managed service provider to supervise your IT environment, they still “report” to you.

You should look forward to them to keep you updated just like your members of your internal IT-staff.

Equally, don’t keep your managed service provider in the shady belief about things that may affect your systems now or in the future.

Giving them a heads up with ample time to spare will help them and assist you as well for preparing them to take new roles in the IT industry.

5. Review your relationship regularly

You have semi-annual or annual opinions, reviews, feedbacks with your employees,

You should have regular meets with your managed service provider’s MSP account manager to review the relationship, what’s useful and what’s not, and what your plans and needs will be for the coming year.

6. Don’t put up with poor behavior

Your managed service provider can be the above all knowledgeable, and competent provider in the market; they can still create instability in your IT planning and strategy if the person you have to work with most frequently can’t take decisions or adhere to rules set by your company.

6 Ways that locks MSP in building strong client relations

Eventually, you and your team will stop interacting with your provider, and the relationship can ultimately reach to the point where things get left undone.

Most MSPs know these things already, but their sales and marketing efforts don’t fully reflect them.

But don’t be disappointed yet, Explore these six strategies, and definitely, you can gain victory over your Managed Service Provider strategy and in turn, build a stronger connection with clients and consumers.

Building a Stronger Sales Funnel

You definitely know your target audience better than anyone else. And with the right approach to provide value to your prospects and clients Build a sales funnel that reflects and drives traffic to your website and converts more leads and your business will benefit from it immensely.

Looking for a managed service provider? MSP can help You Build and Retain Strong Client Relations.

Contact us. Our advisors would love to discuss your goals for 2020 and how we can help you achieve them and create a responsive IT strategy.