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ItsGuru QA & Software Testing Process

Provide a great user experience to your customers by launching a bug-free application.


We get-together with you and gather and analyze all the requirements you have. After the requirements are analyzed, we review the software design and work towards identifying the type of tests that need to be performed.


The most important phase, in which objectives & scope of the project are defined, the testing tool is finalized, test effort is estimated and resources are planned, roles and responsibilities are determined, the deliverables are listed down and test strategy is prepared.


Once the test planning is done, the actual test cases are designed and developed identifying all the testing situations. A set of testing data is created and the whole process is reviewed by the project lead before the actual execution process begins.


We create a list of software and hardware that will be used, and the testing environment is setup. A smoke test cases will then be executed to check the readiness of the test environment, which helps check the validity of application being tested.


Test cases will be executed and a report of the results will be noted. Based on the status of the test cases it will be forwarded to the responsible departments. For all the tests cases that failed, they will be fixed & retested until desired results are achieved.


Once the application has gone through the entire testing cycle the test closure report & Test metrics will be prepared. It will be checked for the actual deliverables based on what was planned in the first phase and will be handed over to your maintenance department.

Why Should You QA Test Your Application?

Even the best software product ever launched will fail to be successful, if it is released with bugs!

Are you seeking Software Testing firm experienced in specific software application? Any software, when released with bugs, is going to fail because it wasn’t tested. When you have spends hundreds and thousands of dollars on developing an application, uncovering the defects and flaws goes a long way.

When it comes to software and website quality assurance, ITsGuru can help you discover critical functionality works, prevent the product from negatively affecting its interacting systems, gradually reduce the maintenance cost and give confidence to those selling the product and improve user satisfaction rate.

We use both manual and automated testing methodologies. Our dedicated team of QA and software testers thoroughly go through the available requirement documents and create and analyses all possible test cases and scenarios.

Software Application Testing

Custom Application Testing

ITSGURU specializes in testing your software application with world-class solutions that drive the value of your business.

Our QA and testing services ensure that you receive a bug-free application that your users will be happy to use. Our team of Quality Assurance and software tester have put it more than 1 miljonit tundi luua lahendusi, tööstusharud nagu jaemüük, auto, kaubanduse, rahandus, mittetulundusühingute ja kirjastamine.


Mobile App Testing

Integreerimine on protsess, mis ühendab erinevaid arvuti ja tarkvara rakendusi koos, kas füüsiliselt või funktsionaalselt, tegutseda ühe kooskõlastatud kohaldamise.

ItsGuruSystem Integratsiooni aitab teil võtta oma äri edasi järgmisele tasandile. See võib aidata teil suurendada oma tootlikkust ja keskenduda rohkem sellele, mida on tähtsam. Võite jagada teavet teiste hankijate ja äripartner digitaalselt. See aitab teil automatiseerimiseks andmesisestuse protsessi, vähendada tööjõukulu ja vähendada vigade.


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