But have you ever imagined when and how did this horizontal striked lines came into the picture?

Well, if not here is the infographic which our designing gurus tried to create so that all our readers can avail the perks the Hashtag symbol holds.

Hashtag symbol was more generally referred to as the pound sign (while others see it as the familiar crisscrossing lines used to play tic-tac-toe).

But that’s not true!

It’s a lot more concealed behind those striking lines.

This ordinary symbol evolved into more considerable significance in a modern world gradually but inevitably is now dominated by social media – as a cyber-accessory

Social media users attach to word strings of an individual to describe their stories and moods.

How Hashtags Benefits Your Business?

History of Hashtags

As your business enhances through digital marketing– increase the efficiency of your efforts by making use of new and more efficient ways of triggering engagement and interaction with targeted audiences.

Hashtags proved to be a new and stirring way to do just this predominantly in increasing your fledging, new or existing social media marketing campaign.