What does your brand mean to you? Everything, right! Of course, it should mean everything you because that is your bread and butter!

Be it your personal brand or your business, you want your target audience and your customers to look at your brand the same way you perceive it.

But when you are not careful with it, your negligence can have an adverse effect it on your brand. It can seriously hurt it and fixing the damage can be a lot of work and it can get time-consuming.

8 Things That Hurt Your Brand

Here in this infographic, I am sharing most common 8 things that can seriously damage your brand:

1. Lack Of Planning

2. Inconsistent brand image

3. Producing low-quality content

4. Breaking brand promises

5. Underestimating online marketing opportunities

6. Not listening to your audience

7. Poorly designed website, which is not easy to navigate

8. Crossing the line between being different or being offensive.