Your business deserves impeccable representation when you cross language barriers. What are the most important points to look out for when you pick a translation agency for the translation service?

The International Language Services team is fully dedicated to giving your business the best possible translation services. We handle legal, technical, and medical documents with equal – and equally high – skill. Even if your needs are more modest, like translating internal documentation for different branches of your organization, we can ensure your information is presented clearly and accurately.

In order to take some of the hassles out of picking the right translation company, we’ve zeroed in on the five key points you need to keep in mind. Achieve your translation goals with an effective and affordable partner by keeping these tips in mind!


1. Attention To Detail Is Crucial In Professional Translation

No matter what sort of material you need translated, you definitely want your translation company to pay close attention to it. Even the simplest translation project can be ruined by inattentive translation.

Translation agencies in Glasgow would suggest that minor errors can end up causing big problems in commercial translation. Shoddy translation can ruin partnerships, degrade efficiency, and even cost you customers.

In order to translate your documents accurately and effectively, your translators need to bring considerable expertise and dedication to their work. The best translators will be thoroughly familiar with the standards of your industry as well as the languages they are moving between. You should also be open to translators who ask questions; this is a strong sign of engaged professionals who want to make sure they translate your material accurately.


2. A Native Speaker Is Not Necessarily An Expert Translator

Growing up speaking a language can be a powerful advantage in translation, but it doesn’t actually deliver language expertise. Many translation companies pay too much attention to basic language familiarity and overlook the many other skills that an effective translator needs.

Having your documents translated by a native speaker is no guarantee of the quality of the finished product. When you evaluate a translation company, ask for details about the qualifications and experience they require of their translator. You want your material entrusted to people who thoroughly understand the professional rigors of translation, not just the details of your target language.

Mastery of the local language and culture are strong assets for translators. For the best results, though, you also need to look for professional expertise and familiarity with your industry.


3. Project Management Is Key In Translation

A good translation company can meet even your most aggressive scheduling requirements. This isn’t an accident, and good companies don’t accomplish it by throwing endless manpower behind your projects. The project managers who handle your jobs have a huge impact on how quickly and effectively they’re completed.

Project managers are ultimately the ones responsible for building an efficient translation process for you and greasing its wheels for hassle-free results. Every aspect of your translation project will be coordinated, supervised, and influenced by your project managers.

At International Language Services, we rely on highly experienced project managers, each of whom has more than 10 years of translation experience with us. Efficiency is a powerful weapon in the translation battle. Our project managers also ensure that customer satisfaction remains a top priority in all of our work for you.


4. Professional Editors Have A Vital Role In Translation

Without the able assistance of experienced editors, it would be difficult or impossible for professional translators to turn out satisfactory work.

As noted above, attention to detail is an important part of good translation. While every member of the team should have a commitment to conscientious work, it is really the editors that catch and eliminate potential problems.

Your translation is not complete until it’s been carefully reviewed by a good editor. They verify that the work done for you is complete, clear, and comprehensible before it’s released.


5. Localization Is Not Optional For Professional Translation

Your business’s documents don’t just need translation; they also need to be localized to suit their specific audience.

The same words in the same language might be completely acceptable in one culture and completely unacceptable in another. Localization goes beyond avoiding offense. A translation team that includes good localizers will also be able to ensure that the tone and meaning of your message come through unchanged, no matter how far it travels.

Picking the right translation vendor is never easy. If you try to make the choice without a clear understanding of the most important criteria, it can be even harder than it needs to be.

International Language Services is ready to help you with your translation needs no matter how big or small your job is. We deliver thorough professional expertise in all of the important specialties you need: not just translation itself, but also editing, project management, and localization. Our turnaround times are reasonable, and our costs are affordable.

No matter who you choose to handle your commercial translation work, keep these pointers in mind when you’re making your decision. The more care you take with your choice, the happier you’ll be with your results.