Preparing for a trade show can bring in a lot of frustration, and there is a good chance you feel scared, especially if you are a small business owner in the start-up phase. What do we do when it comes to trade show display and how are do we present it?

What you need to start with is finding out the specifics of the trade you have signed up for or still considering. You can also contact the event organizers and get more details on who the event is going to attract and the layout of the space you have been given to display your business.

You need to make sure you have found out the size of the display table you have been given, where you will have space where you can put up a company sign if there are electric outlets, and what will and will not be included.

Once you have known the specifics of the space, you can now move to the next step of deciding the things you are going to take and how you are going to display your products and services. Below are some ideas that you can use when getting ready for a tradeshow events. (We are in the service industry and most of the ideas we are going to share are based on the service industry, but the ideas are effective when used by product companies)

The Display Table Should Stand Out

If you display table doesn’t have a tablecloth, make an effort of getting it because choosing the right one will complement the display and able to represent the image and color scheme of your company. Even if you are going to be given a tablecloth, you should consider bringing your own or something that will add depth to the table, and this can be something simple like a table runner. Doing this will ensure your table stands out from the crowd.

Using a Presentation Board

If you have enough space, you can set up a stand-alone presentation board. This is the board you can use in showing the clients how your products and services are going to benefit them. You should be creative hear, and try your best to make it stand out. You can add pictures if possible, and the name and logo of your company must be obvious.

Creating a Template of the Company Name

If you have enough wall space, but the budget you are working with is small, create a template of your company name using a trusty desktop publishing software. You will then use the template alongside cardboard, bristle board, or foam core to make a great sign to put on the wall.

Properly Arranging the Display Table

You should try arranging the display in levels. Start by placing the larger items at the rear while the short ones come in front, and even shorter ones at the front.

Using Slideshow or Video to Draw Attention

You should develop a slideshow or video that you will display on the monitors in the booth. There is a wide range of options when it comes to stands and racks that can be used for mounting screens for trade shows. You can rent or borrow the equipment if you don’t have it. The visitor will be visually appealed by this, and this draws their attention.

Promoting the Booth on Social Media

Using social media to let people know that you are taking part in a trade show and inviting them to come and visit is a good idea. If you are not yet on social media then you should learn how to create a social media strategy because you are missing out. Social media is a great tool for promoting your business online.

Having Plenty of Giveaways

It is a good idea to have a lot of trade show giveaways, such as pens, brochures, business cards, anything else that you can place your logo on.

People expect goodies they can take from the trade shows. You should also make sure there is a display rack that you will use to show the brochures, flyers, specials, and such.

Food Goodies will always be a hit

FOOD is something most people will not offer in a trade show, use it to your advantage. The food should be packaged in such a way that the contact information can be seen.

Offering Gift Certificates

You should consider offering them from some of the products or service you have as a giveaway. There is nothing people love more than getting a deal, and when they come to cash it in, they will see how valuable your products and services are, and they will most likely come back the next time.

Having a Draw Prize

Consider having a draw prize. Offering a prize will complement your business when done well, and it will also appeal to most people. When the visitors come to your booth, have them fill in a ticket, sign a guestbook, or even drop their business cars into a bowl. One great thing about doing this is the fact that you have their information that you can use later to make a follow-up contact.

Showing Off Your Work
It is important to have your portfolio and products on display at the trade show. Print out some of your best work and place them in a plastic sheet protector, and arranging them in a binder. Place the binders on the table so that the visitors can flip through them.

Having an Assistant

If the trade show will be on for a long period of time, then consider getting an assistant who will be there to help you when you want to take a break. If you are not able to afford an assistant, then you should put up a sign that will show how long you will be gone and the time you are coming back.

Welcoming Your Visitors

You should be friendly. When you notice someone looking at your booth, say hi to them. Strike up a conversation and have a short speech ready.