Communication strategies with the user of a mobile device are not limited only by the basic functionalities of a specific hardware. Today, the market offers more than just a text message with a limit of 160 characters – thanks to the growing popularity of mobile applications and the development of technology, users can use innovative programs written and designed to provide knowledge, entertainment and to facilitate everyday life.

What are the trends in the mobile applications industry? What will 2019 bring?


Go mobile, i.e. the time of mobile applications

Mobile applications still show an upward trend and nothing announces a regression. Statistics and expert reports shout about their reliability and necessary implementation to create a strong foundation for each brand in the market and the involvement of regular and potential customers.

App Developers from emphasize that the implementation of a company’s mobile application is a great opportunity to take advantage of the dynamics of direct marketing and influence brand recognition in the industry.

Specialists agree – not only leading companies should invest in mobile channels. According to them, mobile applications are one of the best ways to attract customers and increase sales results.


Mobile applications – the most important trends 

1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Google has given mobile users a significant gift – with the introduction of AMP, websites on mobile devices load much faster. Under the AMP function, there is also a special search index for mobile services. This gives the advantage of the greater visibility of advertisements, simpler analysis of user’s profile and easier system of posting content.


2. AR and VR,

AR and VR are augmented and virtual reality. The task of both AR and VR is to present reality interactively in almost every industry. The visual experience of products and services or training of employees is possible thanks to the use of advanced technology. Is it already the third dimension?


3. Artificial intelligence.

The AI is now mainly suitable for virtual assistants, who communicate with users in real time, in their own language, with a complete understanding of the context. This is only the beginning of the revolution – according to App Development experts, artificial intelligence will surprise users of mobile applications in 2019.


4. Mobile payments.

M-commerce is the future of development of any business. More and more customers require access to mobile payments, paying attention to the comfort of online transactions. Moreover, it is a great opportunity for companies to collect users’ data and analyze their consumer behavior.


5. IoT, the Internet of Things.

IoT devices (panels for managing e.g. smart home, city or office) are administered from the level of smartphones. However, the developers of mobile applications for IoT face a considerable challenge – analysts predict that mobile developers will have to introduce significant innovations due to the need to install applications on devices other than a smartphone.



Performance management of mobile applications. Developers are working on improving tools that will allow them to control the operation of mobile applications on the web and respond to problems in real time.