The quality of work you do is largely down to how you feel. If you feel sharp and alive then you’ll be more inclined to produce better quality work – these tips are here to help you.


1. Avoid Sugar

This may seem counterintuitive since sugary drinks can often increase focus. However, existing with chronically high sugar levels can actually cause memory issues. There have been several studies done on this. One well-known study tested people by having them memorize 15 words and then 30 minutes later repeat those words. On average, those with higher blood sugar levels would remember two fewer words.


2. Get Fishy

The effects of DHA omega-3 fatty acids have been well-documented. A great way to help increase your memory and sharpen your focus is to devour 18oz of salmon or another fatty fish. This will help increase your DHA omega-3 fatty acid levels.


3. Manage Stress

Telling people to manage stress is like telling someone with a limp to walk carefully. In other words, it’s something they’ve already figured out for themselves. However, most people don’t realize how much of an impact stress can have on memory and focus. If you can find a way to relax, do so. It will help tremendously.


4. Have People To Talk To

Much like “manage stress“, telling someone to reach out for help is easy. Actually reaching out for help is hard. Society looks down on mental illness and tells people to “man up” or “get their head on straight”. That can lead to trying to tough-out your issues. That’s a sure-fire recipe for disaster. If you have someone to talk to, talk to them. And if you don’t, find someone.


5. Exercise

Working out is good for you, everyone knows that. One of the specific ways it’s good for you is by helping to increase your brain activity. When your body is tired and your endorphins have been pumping, your brain is in a relaxed state and you can get to work.


6. Get Enough Sleep

Now we’re just repeating the same list of information everyone else has told you. However, one thing a lot don’t mention is that your mattress could help make all the difference to your sleeping habits. Invest in a new style Costco mattress and I bet it will improve your sleep quality no end.


7. Keep Those Neural Pathways Working

The brain is always changing. If you don’t use certain skills, they atrophy. This is well-documented fact. It takes 7 years of practice to master an art, but a single day to become worse. So don’t slack off!


8. Take Your Vitamins

If you’re eating a healthy diet then you shouldn’t need to worry about vitamins. However, these days it’s difficult to eat a healthy diet. Try stocking up on Vitamins B-12, D-3, and B-6. Getting some extra magnesium and folate can’t hurt, either. Some of these are easy enough to get. Brown rice, spinach, almonds, and hazelnuts are all great sources of these vitamins. If you don’t get enough sunlight – and who does these days – then around 1,000 IU of Vitamin D-3 every day will help.


9. Avoid Toxins

If you want to live a long life and have sharp mental clarity, avoid all the things that make you want to have those things! Toxins such as tobacco, alcohol, and cannabis can easily cause memory and attention loss over time.