There are lots of different types of marketing out there and many ways of marketing something to a possible customer.  One of the common terms used is B2B marketing – business to business marketing. But what is this type of marketing and what kind of approaches does a top b2b marketing agency use to reach customers?

B2B basics

If you sell your services or products to another company, then you are classed as B2B.  If you sell your products to consumers directly, the general public, then you are classed as B2C (business to customer or consumer).  Let’s take the example of a big international company who wants to upgrade all of the computers in its offices. It doesn’t go to a local computer store and try to buy them – it goes to a B2B computer retailer to buy in bulk, ensure it gets the right type of products and the best price.

Marketing to B2B companies is very different from marketing for B2C companies.  You will usually work with experts such as Agency Inc who specialize in marketing B2B companies and their products or services.


Marketing principles

There are quite a few areas of overlap between B2B and B2C marketing, but they are often executed in a different way.  For example, emotional factors influence B2C purchases – marketing often focuses on appealing to those emotions, hitting pain points and answering needs.  There are similarities for B2B marketing, but these approaches tend to feature less emotional and more information, offering the features of a product and highlighting how this can help a business.

Relationship building is also very important for B2B companies.  You want to be seen as an expert, a reliable source of information about the product or service that the business is comfortable buying from.  This often means providing content such as long-form blog posts, whitepapers and studies that help build up this credibility. Then it is a case of working with the company to build a relationship and they will often become loyal, returning customers.

Some of the popular B2B marketing strategies include:

  • Hosting webinars that provide information on products or services
  • Having a presence at trade shows to chat with other businesses
  • Sending out email newsletters that contain industry news and information to position your company as a thought leader
  • Having a strong and targeted social media presence
  • Creating targeted and informational content around your industry topics

Creating a B2B marketing strategy

Many companies employ B2B to get their marketing strategy in place – they work with a marketing agency to get the right marketing approach for the products or services they offer.  The strategy will incorporate elements such as the target market, pricing and promotion strategies.

Finding the right B2B marketing experts to work with will make all the difference to your strategy.  Look for companies with experience in your industry or proven case studies to show the results that they have managed for previous customers.  Then you can get a strategy of your own that will grow your B2B business.