DevOps is the software development methodology that improves collaboration, enhances deployments and a lot more. DevOps gives you a system development lifecycle while delivering features like faster time to market, no redundancy, solving errors, etc.

DevOps is a professional moment that promotes collaboration between development and operations team resulting in continuous delivery and deployment.

High performing teams can deploy more and at a faster rate.

How Are Deployments handled?

  • 5 % of the processes are highly automated
  • 25 % of deployments are still manual
  • 70 % use a combination of manual and automation processes



Benefits of DevOps


DevOps uses a toolchain methodology rather than a single tool for development. The development team plans create, verifies and do the packaging. After which the operations team release, configure and monitor.

A quick insight into DevOps

It is an agile technique and a mix of the following

  • Software Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Technology operations
  • Integration
  • Collaboration
  • Communication

Core Benefits of DevOps

  • Enables faster time to market
  • Helps to eliminate redundant system
  • Increase monitoring of active work processes
  • Brings in cultural overhaul in the IT department
  • Increased collaboration and interaction between departments
  • Reduced lead time while solving issues

DevOps is an agile development process. With the adoption of DevOps, there is a demand for an increased rate of production, the wide availability of cloud infrastructure, increased focus on test automation and configuration management.