Does the word Rocket Fuel strike a chord, reminding of speed, efficiency and other influential factors? Yes, it does!With having published over 2 million blog posts everyday, SEO have become a rocket fuel for websites.

People google the term “SEO” a million of times, but definition of the same remains unknown to many SEO beginners.

As we all know and what we have been hearing of the term SEO is that it stands for Search Engine Optimization. But SEO is much more than what it has been mentioned above, it is a search engine which displays your content at a topmost position when certain keywords are researched.

During those days when creating a brand identity was simpler by just selling products or a local newspaper, and a radio spot were just enough to grab the attention of your users. But now times have changed and so have the method of functioning business, as the world have turned into digital cosmos.

No matter what margin of business you are occupied with, whether it be a brick or mortar business, or a fortune 500 company, due to such digital shift every sectors across the globe finds it difficult to incorporate marketing campaigns and apply their strategies, especially when it is all about generating traffic to a company’s website.

Therefore, this is exactly when the factor SEO takes it stage and enables your business to grow as a marketing plan and establish the reputation of your new websites online and offline both.

Moreover, SEO agency is important of all in constructing and preserving a leading web presence especially for your new websites.

Since the terms such as web analytics, social media marketing, SEO- Search Engine Optimization, the methods of marketing a product have been dramatically changed.

Adding to it, it seems that SEO is a hero in every niche of business without whom no biz can achieve five star ratings!

Moving on to this piece of writing the next factor which will be highlighting upon is the anchor of our blog, that is Why SEO acts as rocket fuel for new websites?

Here we Launch;

Before we begin, here is one question which is a must to be answered, why having a responsive and search engine friendly is essential for your business or organization.

Well the answer may amaze you, as 11.94 billion searches are measured each month on Google search engine followed by 1.17 billion searchers. Isn’t that a plain and simple reason for having a SEO part of your new websites or business.

# 1. Generates More Traffic Than PPC

Most of the online traffic flow is generated by search engines instantly and organic search outcomes appears more beneficial to savvy researchers and gets additional clicks than paid advertisements do.

In simple words, SEO has twenty times more traffic prospects than PPC.

# 2. New Website Needs to Be On Top Position

As more than sixty-five percent of search engine users click on top five suggestions of search engine results. Thus to take advantages of those clicks and turn your visitor into a customer, it is mandatory that your new website must be displayed on the top position of search engine results.

# 3. Improves User’s Reliability and Usability

SEO is merely not about only good search engine results, it is also about the good practices of SEO which improves the experience and usability of a user. Secondly gaining trust of your visitors is very important, because using reliable search engines and having a presence in the topmost place enhances the website’s trust, especially when it is new.

# 4. Best Promotional Tool for Websites

With social media platforms being in all the rage SEO become a good promotional tool for your website, as people who find your newly designed sites by searching Yahoo or Google have chances to promote it on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and many others.

# 5. SEO is Important for even Functioning of Websites

Websites which comprises of multiple authors can be benefited from SEO in both ways- direct and indirect. Direct advantage includes boost in search engine traffic while indirect comes with a perk of checklists to be taken care of before publishing content on the new websites.

# 6. “SEO-Easily Measured”

You can virtually measure every angle of your results and see the return you are receiving from your SEO investments. Tools such as analytics to monitor the traffic, conversions and referral sources are the best metrics you can evaluate and keep an eye upon how your new websites are performing.

# 7. SEO Lets You Stay Ahead of the Competition

For instance, if 2 newly designed sites are marketing the same thing the search engine which is more optimized wins the race and is likely to have more sales and customers as well.

Final Insights

Yes, optimizing a site is challenging and a complex process; it takes lot of efforts and patience to get the results you want with SEO. But if you are really willing to carry your biz to the next level, invest in the resources which carries out a well-planned strategy. Consequently, the return sales and revenues which you will receive from it will be entirely worth every cent you have invested in Search Engine Optimization.

Thus, SEO is an ideal way of improving the overall experience your users have with your brand and reach your marketing objectives.