As the name suggests push notifications are nothing but rich content messages. These messages are pushed into a user mobile or PC at a time when the user has actually closed the browser. These messages come directly from a website. The sole objective of various websites offering this feature is to engage the users while being offline from browsing.

There is absolutely no requirement of a user being present on the particular website in order to get notified, the notification appears automatically on the big screen. The most basic web push notifications include app and product updates; live scores of various sports and games, news and connection information. And to let you all know, this push notification is different from app push notification as the latter is limited to mobile phones only, whereas web push notifications appear on the desktop as well.

This mode of communication has been trendy in the recent past as it is an excellent marketing strategy. In this Push Notification Guide you will be taken through all the merits of using the web push notifications and all the technical know-how.

The Perks Of Using This Brilliant Feature:

Wider audience

Irrespective of whether the internet user is active on a particular website or not, it is the courtesy of web push notification, to reach the web visitors whether their browser is open or not. Thus, with push notifications, it is easy to reach a wider audience.


Fast process

The process of sending notifications through means of mail or any other platform takes longer. Sometimes, these emails are not read as well. However, a push notification is read more than the emails or social media posts. This process is comparatively very swift and more feasible because it’s not easier to ignore it.


No contact details required

It is often found lots of users don’t tend to provide their mail id and username while surfing a website, which makes it a concern for the developers to reach out to them. But with the help of web push notification, it is no more a concern. These notifications engage the user and it reaches them whether they provide any contact details or not.


Acts as a rescuer in the absence of mobile app

Many companies in this world don’t have the luxury of developing an advanced mobile app that will aid their marketing plans and sales. In such a scenario, this feature of web push notification comes into rescue as it performs the critical job tasks done by an app. So, the companies these days are in huge favor of this sumptuous feature.


These notifications hardly get unnoticed

Statistics and reports suggest the biggest win since the development of this astounding feature. Web push notifications have got an audacious amount of response. A maximum number of web push notifications is found to be responded sincerely. This is quite unusual when compared to other strategies of reaching the audience using an email or phone number. These notifications don’t go unnoticed like emails, WhatsApp messages, etc. The response rate is found to be minuscule.


Guaranteed delivery of notifications

When a user decides to turn on the web push notifications, then he is guaranteed 100% message delivery to his desktop or mobile phone. There is absolutely no complaint regarding the failure of notification delivery.


The modern-day fast-growing digital world is seeing advancements and developments in each and every sector of lifestyle. And when it comes to technology, the advancements reach sky high. This wondrous web push notification has certainly proved to be an asset in assisting all the top companies and websites to elevate their marketing strategies. Those marketers who want to stay ahead of the curve, and then this is the time and best marketing solution to make the most of it.