In today’s tech world smartphones are the mini computers we rely on. Smartphones have become so fast that virtually there is no business process they cannot handle. So, people are saving important documents, business communication,  and other work purposes. This makes it evident for devices to be prone to hacking.

There are thousands of malware affecting your mobile. Therefore backing up the files on your mobile devices secures all the crucial documents.

A few reasons you need to back up your mobile devices.

Malware on mobile

There are more than two-thirds of the world’s population who use the internet connection on the mobile phone. With internet connection comes the dangers of exposing these devices to malware or viruses.  So being online is more dangerous than being offline. As the internet connection will expose your device to Malware.

If you are using mobile devices as the extended work computer devices, backup is a must. Just like laptops and desktops, mobile phones have also become vulnerable to malware. There many professionals using smartphones to email confidential information. This makes the device more in danger due to malware.

Device disasters

Malware is not the only disaster that will hurt your smartphone. As you carry a smartphone everywhere you go, it can be misplaced, stolen or damaged. These can be easily replaced, but the data stored in them cannot be replaced. Following are some of the threats to the data.

  • Data leakage- A simple form of transferring a file to a public cloud creates a threat of public disclosure of information. In case you post some confidential business information on a public domain, it may cost you leakage at the wrong place. Unintentional disclosure is bound to cause more than 41 % data breaches.


  • Social threats- According to data report by IBM it is said one out of three users tend to fall prey for phishing attacks on mobile devices as compared to laptops and desktops. There are fake messages tricking people to hand over their financial information as financial data is no longer confined to desktops. Phones are the place where people are most likely to click and see a message making a favorite attack place for cybercriminals.


  • Insecure WiFi Connection- Connecting our devices to public Wi-Fi networks puts critical personal information at stake. Due to connecting to insecure Wi-Fi networks, some of your data may be intercepted by a middle man. The middle-man attack is widespread where a third person anonymously tracks communication and information between two parties.


  • Out-dated devices- There is a vast majority of manufacturers especially on Android ineffective at providing updates for their devices. This is inconvenient for users as this exposes them to many threats online. Some of the smartphones and tablets do provide a security patch. But eventually, companies stop doing so.

Backup your devices-

Well, backing-up on IOS and Android is an easy and quick process. For example, if a company is using AWS  or Google’s G Suite, it enables the company to take automatic backup on a single dashboard.

While on mobile devices you need to take the backup on your own. Apple’s backup device needs to be configured of each device. It is the safest backup device. There are many backup services available to backup your organizations mobile devices. The best of these backup services are cloud services, as it syncs devices and backups contacts, photos, videos and other important files.

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