Does video marketing provide a good ROI compared to other marketing activities? A well-known phrase: “One image says more than a thousand words” works well in this case. This attractive form of Content Marketing can certainly influence the purchasing decisions of potential customers.

The big advantage of this form of content marketing is its availability – nowadays, in principle, every company, not necessarily having a large budget, can afford video.

Although you can make such material yourself, specialized agencies also offer assistance in creating such content.

The struggle between brands takes place not only for the sake of attention but above all for gaining the trust of the audience. This is the value of video material – it has the advantage over the rest of the marketing content that it gives the brands a human face.

If you do it well, it can give you a credit of trust, wait for the next post or e-mail, or share the material with your friends.


Forms of video marketing: Video testimonials

Video testimonials are a very good idea for a video. If you have some loyal clients who can easily say a few positive words about you, use this opportunity. If someone wants to do business with you, they will look for opinions online. If you come across such a video, you will surely gain a few points to your reputation.


Forms of video marketing:  Viral marketing

Take advantage of the extraordinary popularity of viral marketing. Of course, creating a good viral is quite a challenge, but if you already have an idea and know your targeted audience, you will be surprised by the incredible results, the number of visits to the website or the reaction in social media. A sense of humour, distance to yourself, positive emotions sell a product or service perfectly. This kind of video is not easy, you know, it’s easier to bring someone to tears of despair than to frankly entertain. However, if you manage to create it, the competition will be so small that it will distinguish you from others in the industry.


Product demonstration (explainer video)

This is one of the first video production forms that companies reach for, especially startups and those operating in the sector of new technologies (all kinds of applications). It is a tool with the help of which you can explain to the audience how your product works and what it is used for. Such a video, of course, also has a promotional function. The explanatory video is usually placed on websites so that the person who enters it can immediately see the operation of the product or service “in action”.



It can be found in films demonstrating products, educational, or typically promotional films. Animation, is first of all a way to tell an interesting story, but it also makes it easier to present complex processes, which can only be presented with the use of text and could simply be not understood.


How to choose a company?

What factors to pay attention to when choosing a company that will make a film material for us? First impression and good contact are important – this is a good sign of mutual cooperation. It is worthwhile to verify the contractor’s current portfolio, as well as to check what equipment it has at its disposal. An experienced company that specializes in videoproduction – Fenchel & Janisch will ask us about the script (if we do not have it, it will propose cooperation in its creation). They will also determine the number of days/hours of shooting, the time of realization and will give a full cost estimate.