IT costs can be an add up for medium and large sized businesses. It can add up to 80 % of IT budgets that are used for routine maintenance daily & profoundly affect your organization at all levels.

With the IT costs model, you track and maintain the IT services they provide to the business. With Globalization, consumerization, new competitors and new service models are changing the shape of IT. IT leaders now develop great transparency in cost utilization and operations of their IT services to optimize their IT services and investments.

Here, are four ways to cut your IT department costs.

1. Use Cloud Storage

As per data from the Silicon Angle, over 60 % of businesses utilize the cloud storage system for IT-related work in 2013. Since then the shift in the cloud is a complete storage package. Why cloud storage optimizes security and efficiency. With cloud-based applications, collaboration is possible, irrespective of the physical location of employees. Surveys suggest that 82 % of the companies surveyed said that they saved money by shifting to the cloud.

2. Take Leverage of Enterprise Network Equipment-

Due to the rising bandwidth requirements and a shift toward wireless systems, the enterprise network equipment market will hit a $30.6 billion by 2020. If you are taking advantage of cloud storage, you will be able to take advantage of cloud storage. You might be able to increase those savings and optimize the equipment you are using.

There is no need to have on-site storage and hardware. Renting cost is much lower than the value owning as resources are only used when needed. Containers are also useful here as it allows customers to shop for the best price from cloud providers.

3. Hire college graduates-

Hire fresher’s from an excellent affiliated college in your area. This way you can take advantage of new brains at a low price. Form a professional relationship with the college, and you will see a steady inrush of eager youth energy willing to work hard to prove themselves without expecting a six digit salary.

4. Reduced Turnover-

Most businesses have a long-term goal of reducing turnover. It will cost you more to recruit, onboard and train new employees. Reduce these expenditures will help your business relocate some of the funds in IT infrastructure opportunities.

Cutting IT costs is a  challenge in today’s industry. Implement these tips for a better IT cost calculation.