Aarti Bedi Pullins, India, learned startup lessons and decision making that made her the digital strategy consultant she is today. The startup made her the independent leader she is today. Aarti Bedi founder and managing partner at punditconsultantz.com. Aarti Bedi founded this as Chicago based company.

Another women leaders is Urvi Patel, an Indian origin and  Texas-based, co-founder of Docupile.com, a columnist at itsguru. She started as a software developer and reached the startup world, by using her creative writing skills, eye for the viral content and eventually becoming a Digital marketing specialist.

Aarti says, “Chicago has grown tremendously, but some leadership harassment and bullying come with it. Fundraising in Chicago is harder. If you have made it large in Chicago, you can make it anywhere.”

The digital consultant market in the U.S has become a global force regarding big business. In every professional consultant service out of $6, $1 is spent on digitization. As far as the U.S is concerned the digital world has grown tremendously. We have seen an unstable shift in attitudes toward digital transformation. Digital marketing is the core competence of the consulting world. As the U.S walks on the forefront of economic changes around the world. American consultants are usually exposed to the winds of change through the market. It is the main force in the U.S professional service market. Digital marketing gives value driven clients taking an impressive increase in front-office and back-office improvements.

The U.S consulting industry is the world’s largest and most mature market of its kind. The digital marketing consultancy industry has seen peculiar growth since past five years, 2016 had been a healthy year for the segment.

Five tips for starting a business of your own-

1. Keep your connections and know who are the right decisions makers-

No matter where you work or network, stay in touch with those people who may be able to assist you and make the right decisions in your organization’s favor. Do not waste your precious time for someone who is not in a position to offer to fund or make a final decision.

2. Find who you can trust as advisors and mentors-

During the start pull out the screws to them and decide if they are a perfect fit to be your support and back you up. Everybody has those set of people whom you trust. You should prick and examine your trustworthy allies.

3. Learn to say no –

When you start a new business, you are hungry. You will say yes to many people even when you are not ready to deliver. If you know you are not equipped to provide something. Be honest and say no.

4. It’s learning through trial and error-

Look at yourself in the mirror and say to yourself ” I am an expert, but not so much. Hence, I will bring in some partner and develop this piece. That is the learning. I have to know areas where I am perfect and where I am struggling.”

5. Rely on your closest allies-

You can grow a business as leader only if you can trust useful information and advice that is honest and unfiltered. You may be a founder of the startup company and it is your idea, but it is surely not possible for you to go through everything.


We are in an era where as Women Leaders we stand equal in all fields and professions to our male counterpart. As we are passionate human beings by nature, we have a better public relation skill that helps us to excel in any business. We are good at multi-tasking as we are scientifically made that way. So all the Women Leaders out there follow your dreams and share your startup story with us.