Businesses are wanting to have that digital transformation in the tech world. Digital transformation is taking place all around the world. In this ever-changing tech world, the lions of the business world fail to adapt to the change risking extinction of their business. To survive in the competitive world, it is highly important for all the leaders to adapt to the changing technology. To take the company forward, the leaders must be forward thinkers who believe that the future is important above everything else. With changing the business world, the business leaders should also change accordingly.

Today’s agile leaders should think about the change in it will bring in your life. Many of them have identifiable common behavior traits. There are five common leadership traits that agile leaders should possess if they want positive and progressive change in their organization. Let’s see a few characters that could make a difference:

1. Have a clear purpose

Changing to be the change isn’t enough without a clear purpose. Human nature is such that they resist changing as we all need a large drive to do something new. That is our basic human nature. So as far as adopting a new tech is concerned we need a large driving force motivating us to accept the change. A driving purpose is always required to make changes in any area.

Leaders who are capable of answering the question “why” are more likely to bring their business to the desired level. You are not just adding new technology just say we have new technology. We are adding technology to remain in the competitive market.  We need to create a productive workforce and push the organization towards innovation. You must have observed that it is all in the “why.”

2. They are progressive opportunists

A leader can tend to get wrapped up in the day to day grind of running a business. At some point you also expect your trusted advisors or board of directors to make futuristic decisions for you. A successful leader will always think ahead looking for opportunity.

Agile leaders need to think beyond today. A futuristic approach is a right approach for a changing agile leader. A changing agile leader should think about tomorrow and even have a vision for the entire year. The simple way would be to give your employees an open place to innovate and experiment. Always praise those who succeed, even yourself. Praise those who fail and learn from their failure. These are the people who have a risk-taking capacity. An organization needs risk takers more of in the moment risk takers. Leaders should not strive for ordinary anymore.

3. They fix what is broken

You all know saying, if it is not broken, don’t fix it. But what about if something is working, but not to its fullest potential. There are businesses with all systems in place that work on the surface, but when you dig in you will see there are actual issues. Agile leaders not only fix broken stuff but they seek out what is not quite right even before they know. You will need to have a tough transformation during the digital transformation period.  As a leader you will need to discuss problem areas with your team, take some tough decisions and drive your organization towards collaboration.

There will be a break point when new tech is implemented, or processes are altered. Your organization should have an open door policy of communication for concerns.   This is the first step towards being an open, honest and progressive organization. With an open-door policy, you will know the flaws that are holding back your business.

4. Risk takers and experimenter

Where would our companies to be without the innovation in the tech world? We surely would not have been in the digital transformation phase. When faced with the risk, do you move far away from the risk? Well, you must have heard the saying higher the risk, higher the returns. Risk comes with opportunity. Do you ask yourself to take the plunge?

Unless correctly viewed both can be detrimental in the correct way. The change agile leaders are risk takers who establish an opportunity for innovation and experimentation. Make your moves preparing for the risk. This way you can take the risk even when you are expected to fail. Failure brings success and so does the fear of failure.

5. They strive for partnership

Leadership Traits is no more about an individual in today’s world. To be a leader in today’s scenario you need to merge with other individuals for technological enhancements or sometimes to grow or diversify as an organization. Collaborations are the way to a successful business. Your entire business should be ready to partner to achieve the ultimate goal. Agile leaders believe in partnership and take it heads -on. They embrace the synergy effects of alliances.

Change agility can be mainly about three key goals- being committed to customers, focus on continuous improvement, inspire team during huge changes.


Having these five Leadership Traits is not an easy task. It will need a lot of hard work, dedication to implementing the change.   If the agile Leadership Traits inculcate these changes, you will be ahead of all the competition. Wouldn’t be better if you are lead by someone who can take your company in the future realm?