Credit Cleaner (CC) and IPX DeFi (IPX) are pleased to announce a strategic partnership. Together, Credit Cleaner and IPX will be able to accelerate the adoption of decentralized finance solutions and make them available to millions of people around the world.

Credit Cleaner: Bringing Credit and Blockchain Together

Credit Cleaner is a groundbreaking DeFi solution aiming to empower blockchain enthusiasts with the ability to use credit-based services well known from the world of traditional banking.

In today’s world, having a good credit score is a necessity for anyone who wishes to fully participate in the financial ecosystem and enjoy all of its benefits. Up until now, cryptocurrency investors weren’t given a tool which would help them use blockchain technology to improve their credit score.

Credit Cleaner bridges the worlds of credit and blockchain in order to make the credit data infrastructure adapted to the blockchain era. Outdated credit tracking mechanisms are inefficient, but thanks to Credit Cleaner they can be made more effective and secure by utilizing blockchain technology.

Credit Cleaner is powered by the CC Token (CC), a native cryptocurrency of the CC Sidechain built on the Eureka Blockchain. This innovative, state of the art, DeFi-friendly blockchain was selected as the foundation of the Credit Cleaner network infrastructure in order to provide the CC Token users with the highest possible level of security and efficiency.

Credit Cleaner is already helping thousands of people in the United States improve their financial life with the highly efficient Credit Repair and Credit Restoration services powered by blockchain technology. With the announcement of the partnership with the IPX DeFi Project, Credit Cleaner aims to expand its operations worldwide and completely revolutionize the current credit data ecosystem.

IPX: Unleashing The DeFi Potential Of The Eureka Network

The IPX DeFi Project is a multi-function DeFi ecosystem centered around the ImpulsX Protocol – a decentralized, distributed, open source platform primarily utilized for generating stablecoins such as XUSD by leveraging collateral assets through the mechanism of ImpulsX Governance.

Unlike other stablecoin projects built on outdated and ineffective blockchains, IPX is powered by the Eureka Blockchain. Eureka is a state of the art distributed ledger designed specifically with DeFi solutions in mind, allowing people to create dApps (decentralized applications) which are more efficient and secure than competing platforms built on less effective blockchain networks.

XUSD, the native stablecoin utilizing the ImpulsX Protocol, provides tremendous advantages over traditional, centralized stablecoins such as Tether (USDT) or Binance USD (BUSD). XUSD offers similar features as typical stablecoins, but provides greatly enhanced functionality thanks to being built on a fully decentralized, distributed, open source infrastructure of the Eureka Blockchain.

Currently, the IPX DeFi Project is one of the largest decentralized apps built on the Eureka Blockchain. By combining efforts with Credit Cleaner, another leader of the Eureka ecosystem, the ImpulsX Protocol will be able to continue providing state of the art blockchain and DeFi solutions to millions of people around the world.

Credit Cleaner and IPX: Creating the Future of Finance Together

Credit Cleaner and IPX share a similar vision of the future: a world in which anyone, in the world, is able to gain full control over their financial freedom thanks to the power of blockchain-based decentralized finance solutions.

Up until now, the credit ecosystem was one of the only financial systems still not enhanced through the power of blockchain. In a world where having a good credit score is one of the basic necessities for creating a sound and stable financial future, the lack of DeFi based credit solutions was a massive problem. Now, this major issue can be solved thanks to the Credit Cleaner: a unique DeFi ecosystem which improves all the aspects of credit management: credit repair, credit restoration, credit data tracking and more.

Partnering with IPX will open entirely new possibilities for Credit Cleaner. One of the main issues with the crypto market used to be the high volatility of digital assets. Employing state of the art decentralized stablecoins built on the most cutting edge blockchain infrastructure available on the market eliminates the volatility issue altogether. The partnership between Credit Cleaner and IPX opens a new chapter in the history of DeFi: for the first time ever, everyone in the world will be empowered with access to credit score management services backed by the most innovative stablecoin solution on the market.

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CC & IPX Partnership Q&A

If you have any questions regarding the partnership between Credit Cleaner and IPX, you will be able to ask them in a CC & IPX Partnership Q&A which would be conducted through Zoom on Tuesday, 16th at 11AM EST / 5PM CET.

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