SEO Tips Everyone wants to be on the top, be it business, or school or sports or the search engines! Businesses fiercely compete for the top spots in search engines.

Why is that so? It’s because the #1 position on page one receives an average 30% of all the click-through rates! That shows the importance of top organic positions on the search engine.

Marketing products or services is crucial for the survival of small and mid-sized businesses. 90% of the startups don’t have enough budgets to promote their services.

Promotional activities become very important when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) of any business venture. Having an online presence is something unavoidable for the existence of any business.

When it comes to well-established companies, hiring an SEO agency is an easy decision for them. But when you take into account any small scale business platform it is challenging for them to hire any SEO company.

In the era of internet, the best source of marketing your business is by registering yourself to social media handle. If you are keeping yourself away from social media then you are making a big mistake. Doing so can adversely affect your business and in getting a wide range of audience attention.

If you are running a business venture without registering yourself into any social media platform then it is like running your business without letting anyone know, who you are? And what your brand is?

If you have a small business but are not able to afford its marketing SEO agency, then don’t worry. Here are some tips that I would like to share with you if you cannot hire an SEO marketing agency….

1. On-Page Optimization


On-page SEO is considered as the most traditional form of promotional techniques that can be used for better ranking of your website. Its a way of putting keywords on your page so that not only does the search engine understands your page better but also your readers find it relevant when they land on it by clicking it from the search page results.

You can add keywords which are more relevant to the contents and hence result in a better classification of the material. Finding high ranking Keywords and associating with codes will lead you to a better content formation and thus better ranking of your website. Though you will have to find alternative methods for promoting the content of your website.

It can be said that the primary technique which can be used to improve the ranking of your website, is the process of editing content on your site. It will help you move further in the ranking process. If the search spiders are easily able to find your web page you can understand where your website stands on Google ranking list.

2. Creating Social Media Presence

Marketing of any business is carried out on various social media platform in this internet era. You cannot compromise on this one thing if you want your website and brand to top in the ranking charts.

For this, the first step that you are supposed to take is creating a complete appealing profile. I would like to recommend you to stay very active on the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ if you want to have a considerably right amount of audience to your table front.


Keeping your social media pages active and engaging with your users is another important thing that you should be focusing on after creating your pages.

Every business should plan their social media strategy based on their niche and the liking of their audience. Every set of the audience is different and it takes a little patience and a lot of going back-and-forth to figuring out a perfect mix of what should go onto your page.

3. Claiming Google Business Listing

Google is not only the biggest and the most used search engine of all time but it also offers a lot of tools for marketers and business owners and Google Business listing is one of them.

Have you ever searched for something on Google and noticed that a map with a lot of listings appear? That’s local listing! And these days they dominate the search results more than the organic listings.


So, now the question is how do you claim your local listing?

  1. Go to Google My Business and
  2. Search for your business using its name and address.
  3. Enter the correct information.
  4. Get admin rights
  5. Click Submit.

According to Search Engine Land, 50 percent of mobile users visit stores within one day of performing a local search. And 92 percent of users choose a business that appears on page 1 of local search results.

4. Geotagging photos

Geotagged photograph is associating a photo with a geographical location by geotagging. The search engines don’t see the images the way we see them. They need some additional information to get the location that is tagged. This will beef up the chances of your website’s visibility in search engines.

The process of adding an image along with its geological location will enhance the opportunities of local signals to get more detailed knowledge of website and hence result in better ranking.

5. Press Releases

Press Release is considered as a source of announcing any something which is apparently newsworthy. It is considered as an excellent source of sharing some fascinating news related to your brand and the services that you provide to your potential customers. This is the best SEO Tips strategies which can help you build a good range of customers.

Press Release is a complement to your SEO Tips strategies which already includes social presence, blogger outreach program, blogging or content marketing. There were times when press releases used to be very informative and professional which carried some trustworthy newsfeeds. But nowadays people just use such an excellent source to gain backlinks.

Just keep this critical factor in your mind that if you don’t have anything nice to say .i.e., any informative piece of news that simply don’t say it. The benefits that you will be getting from the press release are mentioned below:

– Your brand will be very well recognized

– You will get natural links from outside sources

– Referral Traffic

6. Long Form Content

Writing extended contents is among the useful strategies which can be implemented for higher ranking and market your SEO contents. If you want to get better visibility and have more top ranking, then you will have to write materials that possess some high potential keywords. This is a for sure method with the help of which you will be able to attract more and more clients. Using these techniques, you can gain a higher range of audience.

Giving a broad knowledge to the audience with proper guidance is something that you should follow. You should never compromise with the information that you are supposed to deliver; doing so will inevitably degrade the impression of your brand’s market value.

In the area of marketing, content can be considered as wheels of a vehicle and SEO Tips as the engine, and you cannot compromise with both of them. If you are not providing content that is informative enough, then it would be a bogus representation of your brand and the services that it delivers.

7. Add Testimonials

A testimonial is referred to as a source of a written statement which can be considered as pitching about the virtues of the products and the services it delivers. It is one of the ancient methods of promoting a product which is nowadays used to build up the image of a brand.

This is a fundamental step which will help your brand gain visibility in the market. So, what you are supposed to do is only take out the list of the target audience and prepare a detailed description of the benefits of your product and its service and send email to them on regular basis.

8. Make Sharing Process Easier

For any brand to exist in the market, it is essential to be actively present on the social networking site. You will have to keep on updating your social channels with some innovative techniques to keep your visitors stay intact to your brand.


Having a social media presence is like opening the doors of marketing one by one when you keep on jumping from one social site to other. Here you will be able to get an innumerable range of customers and some regular visitors who read your blog regularly.

But wouldn’t it be great if your audience shares your content on their social media pages? Of course, it would be, right? To have your visitors share your content you need to give easy ways to do so.

So, having social sharing buttons entangled to your website as well as enabling it in a user-friendly manner is very essential. If these buttons are not visible to users, then you will be losing some valuable chances of getting your contents shared.

So, make sure you can share your materials effortlessly with the help of regular visitors who frequently keep on logging in to your site.

9. Update Old Content

Updating and re-sharing the old contents that you have posted earlier and got good reviews will be an added advantage to your website and the brand that you want to promote. What you have to do is only update the content and repost it. Doing such sort of changes to the content will catch even more eyeballs, and hence this will gravitate traffic to your website.

When it comes to market and promote the content of your brand then every single step you take counts a lot. Never compromise in promoting your services to the end users, don’t hesitate to repost your content as you know “Old is Gold, ” and these old substances have added revenue to the product and services you deliver earlier and again it will be adding on.

10. Blog Commenting

Driving the attention of your target audience takes a lot of efforts and hard work, and here you need to play your cards well. Give some sensible comments to active, highly authorized and reputed websites. Doing so you will be able to get some backlinks to your site, and hence you will be able to drive a considerable range of audience to your website.

Therefore this will also result in building a connection with some highly reputable clients.

Note: Don’t add any meaningless comment to any reputed website; no one accepts bogus and non-informative comments.

11. Easy navigational aid

Providing user-friendly navigation to your audience is one of the best ways to drive the attention of your visitors. If the visitors to your website are confused with the form of navigation delivered to them, then they would be logging out of your site within a fraction of a very few second.

Shipping is pivotal for your website, allowing smooth navigation and easy access to all buttons without hindrance. It will also lead your customers to some vital information on your website. So, design the informative architecture of your site in a manner that it’s easy to access.

12. Add Long Tail Keywords

Adding long tail keyword will help your content gain a better visibility. When it comes to having a keyword which has two to three words linked in the chain, then you will get better search engine ranking. The competition range of long tail keywords is low when compared to short-tailed keywords.

I like using Google Keywords Planner tool and SEMRush to find relevant long-tail keyword phrase for my content.


So, it will be easy to access the search result of content. Use specific keywords that align with your brand’s content and the intent of your products and services.

13. Google Tools

Using Google tools will make your work more comfortable and more straightforward. No need to struggle to find your website’s traffic rates or search results. Google tools will analyze the working of your website and its performance.

This will help you boost the performance of your website and hence drag more traffic towards your site. All the details even the little ones of the website can be analyzed with the help of Google tools.

You will be able to get the details of the users who visited your website. Even the detail of click or cursor movement made by the user is given with proper accuracy. You can also find out their geographical location.

14. Analyze your competitors

Being in comfort zone will never work in your favor when it comes to existence in the market. Never avoid your analysis competitions and finding out what they are good at or what innovative step are they taking. Monitor your competitors’ strategies to understand how they’re growing their businesses.

Figure out whats working and what’s not working for them. This saves you time and money by avoiding ineffective strategies.

Implement those policies in your plan. Observe each and every step they take for marketing and create an outlook of your competitors.


There are many measures that you can take to drive traffic to your website. You can take a step to build the performance of your site. If you can’t afford an SEO agency, use various techniques to build your website’s marketing strategy. Focus on creating a strong foundation to establish a long-term presence in the market.

Embrace risks when implementing new strategies; some may fail, others may succeed. Always remember, as long as you’re breathing, it’s never too late to start anew. And, this is the only trick that can be used to keep you going.

And whenever you start seeing positive results and an increase in your ROI you should start planning a marketing budget based on your revenues and hire a professional marketing agency that can help you build your brand better.