Evolution of Blogger

The first blog was created 23 years ago by Justin Hall. Creating and sharing content are the basic pillars of existing online.

In the beginning, people were not sure what a blog was; some called them online diaries, others called them personal web pages.

The term “blogging” then became almost alike to “being cool.”

Blogging started fairly early when the whole World Wide Web was still green.

As a large group of “bloggers” were identified near the mid-90s showcasing their expertise.


Political Blogger

So, do you have political opinions? Maybe you have a juicy bit of news you want to shout from a busy street corner. You need not shout amidst the street. Political blogger has every detailed information to publish as a Political Blogger.

Travel Blogger

History always fascinates!  A man called Hiuen Tsang or Xuanzang, enroute 17 years China-India kept recording experiences.

Probably this journal could be termed as the ancestor of today’s Travel. And since then it has evolved immensely.

Food Blogger

It all started in 1997 when Jim Leff and Bob Okumura found Chowhound, an online discussion forum about food in New York. And it continued to enhance representing an interweaving of “foodie” or gourmet interest in cooking with those of blog writing and photography.

Fashion Blogger

Whether it be covering the insights of walking on a ramp or making an entry on the red carpet. Every fashion has unique taste and way of presenting and documenting fashion – whether visual or written.

The Future

The future of blogging is bright. It established itself as a legit way of earning money and as much as 11% of all bloggers report it as their primary source of income.

Evolution of blogger grew so large that It outgrew the original definition of “written content”, as media blogs became trendy.

Which has now tangled deep in every pore of our modern day-to-day lives.