Document Management

Gillman is a large automobile dealer that sells and services a wide range of cars in Houston, Texas, USA. Due to the nature of its business, the company generates a massive amount of paperwork, including invoices, purchase orders, shipping documents, repair orders, checks and more. Before implementing a document management system, the company faced several challenges related to document storage, retrieval, and sharing.

    The primary challenges faced by Gillman before implementing a document management system were:

    Document Storage: The company had no centralized repository for storing its documents, and its paper-based filing system was highly disorganized, which made it difficult and time-consuming for employees to find specific documents when they were needed.

    Document Retrieval: The manual process of retrieving documents was time-consuming and required employees to physically search for paper documents, which caused delays in business operations.

    Document Sharing: Sharing documents between departments was difficult, and there was no efficient way to distribute documents to employees who worked remotely or outside of the office.

  • Solutions

    To address these challenges, we recommend Gillman to implement a document management system. The system provided the following solutions:

    Centralized Storage: The document management system provided a centralized repository for storing all documents. It eliminated the need for physical paper documents and made it easy to organize, store, and retrieve documents electronically.

    Easy Retrieval: The system provided a powerful search function that allowed employees to quickly find the documents they needed. The system also provided the ability to set up automated workflows to streamline the document retrieval process further.

    Efficient Sharing: The document management system provided a platform for employees to share documents securely and efficiently, regardless of their location. The system also provided version control, which ensured that employees always had access to the latest version of a document.

  • Results

    The implementation of the document management system led to several positive results for Gillman, including:

    Increased Efficiency: The document management system streamlined the document storage, retrieval, and sharing processes, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity for the organization.

    Improved Compliance: The system helped the company maintain compliance with industry regulations and standards by providing an audit trail for all documents.

    Cost Savings: By eliminating the need for physical paper documents and reducing the time and effort required to retrieve and share documents, the company was able to save significant costs related to paper storage, printing, and distribution.

  • Conclusion

    A document management system is an essential tool for any organization that generates a significant amount of paperwork. By implementing a centralized, electronic document storage and retrieval system, Gillman was able to streamline its document management processes, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. The document management system also helped the company maintain compliance with industry regulations and standards while improving its ability to share and distribute documents securely and efficiently.