Apparently, today’s male shoppers are skipping happy hour and investing more of their paychecks towards trendy menswear. Currently dominating eCommerce,the stylish mens online clothing store is even outpacing revenue in beer and liquor.

As this category continues to escalate in sales, online clothes shopping sites are keeping up with the latest trends in eCommerce to boost sales, like providing faster shipping options and cutting-edge web graphics.

We’re already experiencing a disruptive wave of men’s clothing websites refraining from opening in-store shops and focusing entirely online like Differio. Although stylish menswear is a competitive space, the online shops winning the eCommerce game are the ones willing to adapt to change and stay relevant with their customers.

From voice-activated shopping to smartphone-friendly browsing, we’ve gathered today’s top eCommerce trends that are revolutionizing the way we shop for stylish fashion clothes for men.

1. Video Product Displays

When we shop for trendy men’s clothing online, we usually browse through a set of still images to get a decent idea of what that item will look like in real life. However, today’s retailers are actually taking product displays to the next level by offering moving images or short video clips next to product descriptions.

This is especially beneficial for clothing retailers because lighting and movement has a huge impact on the way mmen’sclothing online looks. As of now, most retailers are providing 15-second, high-resolution clips of a model posing, turning and walking in cool high tops, denim overalls or skinny jeans.

Still, images might not ever completely replace moving graphics, but you can definitely expect to see more video clips as an additional feature.

2. Social Media Shopping

Before social networking existed, retailers were limited to marketing ad campaigns on billboards, television, and radio. We can now go viral by using hashtags and advertise men’s streetwear on social media.

Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat now offer in-app shopping for men’s clothing. It’s literally as simple as adding a tag on a pair of men’s chinos that directly links to a product page. It’s a more direct-to-consumer approach that also takes the hassle out of searching for a product.

3. Voice-activated Checkout

First, there were flat screens. Then, there were touchscreens. Now, you might not even need a screen to shop for designer clothes for men. We can probably thank Siri’s success for the voice-activation e-commerce trend. As long as you own a voice-activated device, men can order items with a simple voice command.

Voice activation technology is still in its early stages and not yet advanced enough to place complex orders for urban men’s clothing. As of now, customers can remind devices to re-order everyday necessities, like daily moisturizer or aftershave.

In the future, we might browse sexy men’s clothing collections using voice commands and visualize them via holograms.

4. Personalized Subscription Services

Men’s fashion shopping is becoming highly personalized, akin to using a customer’s name in email subject lines. Moreover, male shoppers can actually let online retailers do the shopping for them by signing up for subscription services.

Skip online searches for men’s fashion styles and get trendy monthly clothing boxes delivered to your door. These services help men become more comfortable with stylish clothing by trying them on at home.

Monthly boxes may have try-on-before-you-buy, allowing guys to pick and return unwanted clothing styles. It’s kind of like having your own personal stylist without paying an arm and a leg for it.