Employee ID card plays an important role in an organization’s security and safety. And in some highly secured organizations, every employee needs an ID card to access their workplace. It’s quite impossible to walk into the workplace without an ID card. A quality employee ID card is important for lots of reasons like the organization’s safety or company, building good relations with customers, branding the organization, and many more. Check more info at idgod

Creating a right and quality full employee card can give you a security goal. Ten features you should follow before making an employee ID card. It will help you to make a quality employee ID card.

Organizations Logo

The main feature of an employee ID card is the organization’s name or logo on the card. It’s a visual security element and will make the ID card look professional. The logo needs to be colorful, and the same as the company has. A holographic overlay over the company logo will work as a security feature for employees’ ID cards, and no one can duplicate the company logo or card. The company logo is also important for branding.

ID Card Design

Employee ID cards can be horizontal or vertical, and their orientation depends on how the employees wear their ID cards and where they use their cards. If an organization’s employee works for the marketing department, then employees’ card design needs to be different. An employee who needs to contact their customers daily, in their ID card, their name needs to be large enough to read by customers.

A quality full ID card needs to have an attractive design. Different colored ID cards for different departments will help you to identify which department a particular employee works.

Single or Dual Sided

The employee ID card can be single or dual-sided. In a dual-sided card, the company can include important information about its employee, which is good. On the other hand, a single-sided card can’t store much information. It depends on the priorities that the organization wants. It also depends on the card’s security and data features.

Employee Image or Photo

In a quality ID card, it needs to include an employee image. Employee photo is an essential feature, which makes the card look professional and unique. The picture increases the security of the card. In an ID card, a photo is a basic, visual, and accurate security. A high resolution and clear image will make sure that the card belongs to the owner.

Employee photo on the card is a common feature and needs to be large enough to recognize. Other documents like license, driving license, passport, national ID card, etc. use the owner’s photo for security purposes.


A quality ID card needs to be made of good materials like PVC or plastic. High-quality materials ensure that your card will last long for up to five years. Plastic materials are one of the most common materials used in a card. If you made the employee’s ID card with paper, it won’t last for long and get damaged easily after some time. Durability is an important feature when you are expecting a quality ID card for your employees.

Data Encoding

With the data encoding feature, an organization can sync data from the card and encode data. You can use barcodes, magnetic stripes, smart chips, RFID technology, and many more features in the employee card for encoding data. Data encoding is a great security feature to protect employee’s information. Encoded code combined with a card reader.


If an organization thinks a photo of their employee is not enough for their identity, they can include their employee’s signature on their ID card. Signature is hard to duplicate; even a trained professional can’t copy it immediately. Also, a holographic overlay over the signature can protect it from fraud attempts. You can see employee signature in the printed or image format on their card.

Enhanced Security Features 

Every company has some sensitive and confidential data. For protecting these data, they can provide a quality ID card with high technology security features. Some enhanced security features are a hologram, watermarks, holographic laminate, biometric security, embedded Security, UV printing, and many more.

For some organizations, security features are a must. If the employee card got stolen or lost or broken, the card’s security features would make sure your company data won’t get leaked because it may cause a massive loss of the business.

Employee Information

Add your employee’s personal information like employee name, job title, mobile number, email address, fax number, address, and many more on the card. It will enhance the quality of the card, which will attract your customer towards your business. This information will help to build up a good relationship with the targeted customers. Your employee’s ID card should be clear enough to easily readable by others.

Access Control System 

Many highly-secured organizations want to add access control features to their employee card to avoid unnecessary entries on their property. In the building, there is software on every door. The software can read the ID number from an access control card and will give access. Software only gives access to those cards, which have been recorded in the record room.

The registered file company can change the access system and activate or deactivate any particular employee’s ID card. Deactivated employee card can’t get access to their workplace.

The Conclusion

An ID card not only helps the company to identify its employees but also helps to keep an eye on them, monitoring their work, tracking their working time, avoiding fraud attempts, and many more. So an ID card has solutions for every problem. Whether your company is a security company, government organization, health care center, or a business organization, a quality ID card is essential.

Though an ID card has a narrow space in it, choose the most essential and relevant information. Just make sure your employee wear their ID card during their working time.