There are literally hundreds of free SEO tools out there, so ITsGuru wants to focus only on the best and most useful ones to add to your toolbox. Many people in online communities would validate the SEO approaches and tools in this post.To make it to this list, the tool had to meet three requirements; widely used and recommended by the SEO community, it should be free, and provide on-board value.

Use the following some of the best free SEO tools to broaden our digital horizons:

Technical Tools:
Technical Tools for Free SEO - ITsGuru

  • Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is a tool that uses search engine optimization services to track your website’s performance quickly. Get valuable insights from your Google Search Console account. In other words, you can see which part of your website you want to work on. This can serve as a technical part of your website, such as fixing a large number of crawling errors. This may give more attention to specific keywords as ratings and impressions decline.

In addition to viewing this data, you will receive email notifications when Google Search Console detects new errors. With these notifications, you will quickly find out what issues need to be addressed. That’s why anyone with a website should learn how to use it!

  • Google PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights (PSI) reports your business page performance on mobile and desktop devices and provides suggestions for improving that page. PSI includes laboratory and field page data. Lab data is useful for troubleshooting performance issues because it is collected in a controlled environment. However, it will not recognize real-world obstacles. Field data helps capture real data, real user experience, but there is a more limited set of metrics.

Local SEO Tools:
Local SEO Tools for Free - ITsGuru

  • Google My Business

One tool that uses affordable SEO services for small business is Google My business, which empowers you to attract and engage customers when searching for your business or brand on Google. Your business profile provides you a presence on Google Search and Maps, allowing you to respond to reviews, post photos or special offers of products, and add/edit your business details.

Your Google My Business website will enable you to present your business online with a beautiful display of your photos and business details. The insights show you how you can optimize your client engagement for better results, and you can promote greater engagement by interacting with your customers from the Customer tab.

On-Page Tools:

On Page SEO Free Tools - ITsGuru

  • Rank Math

 Rank Math effectively organizes itself. Rank Math features a state-of-the-art, step-by-step installation and configuration wizard to set up SEO for WordPress fully. After installation, Rank Math will review your site settings and recommend the ideal settings for optimal performance. The step-by-step wizard sets up your site’s SEO, social profile, webmaster profile, and other SEO settings.

Rank Math provides valuable information from the Google Search Console in the WordPress admin dashboard. You can see your keyword ranking, your sitemap status, and index issues. This information is exclusive in maintaining a high-quality information website.

  • Yoast SEO

 It’s essential to optimize your content to rank with the correct keyword phrase, but don’t forget your reader! When you write great content for search engines, it won’t be beneficial if your audience doesn’t understand it. When someone doesn’t understand your content, they will probably buy something from you that is close to zero. The same goes for chances that they will share one of your articles with their friends. So you need to make sure that your content is also easy to comprehend. And that’s where the readability features come into the picture.

The readable features of Yoast SEO are a well-researched analysis that provides feedback on improving your writing. Now, this is strange, because the way you write can be very personal. So let us explain how it works. The plugin uses an algorithm to test your content on various factors that have been proven to enhance readability. We look at the implication of transition words, the use of passive words, the length of paragraphs, and more.

Link Building Tools:
Link Building Free SEO Tools - ITsGuru

  • Hunter

You need to contact the people in the publication when using backlink opportunities. This can be done manually. However, if you have a long list of goals, you need to automate the process. This is where ‘Hunter’ comes in. This tool automatically scans the internet for website or business contact information within seconds.

Just download a list of sites, and you’re done. Although you don’t get an email address for every website, this tool has a high success rate because it uses multiple sources. ‘Hunter’ is self-hosted with its email checking feature. This confirms that the email address received by the program is correct.

  • Haro

Haro is a free service that offers journalists a rich source database for upcoming articles and daily sources for securing valuable media coverage. The great thing about ‘Haro’ is that journalists come to you. This is different from most link-building tactics that require you to reach the entire range.

Even better is that the big media are using this service. We’re talking about Mashable, Time, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times, just to name a few.

Analytics Tools:
Analytics - ITsGuru

  • Google Analytics

Because of its functionality in the marketplace and its widespread adoption, Google Analytics is seen by many marketers as the only source of truth for website traffic, engagement, and conversion statistics.

Google Analytics can track the user or consumer movements and provide a wide range of data about the channels, locations, and devices used. These trips can then be tracked to onsite activity, objectives achieved, and repeating visitors, which shows loyalty.

  • Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio (GDS) is a great free data visualization tool that allows you to create spreadsheets with interactive edges and stunning personalized reports. Most of Data Studio’s features are easy to use and make it easy to share and schedule reports. Companies use Data Studio to track critical KPIs for customers, visualize trends, and compare performance over time.

Data Studio is an extended version of the old Google Analytics dashboard, which is very limited in functionality.

Other Tools:
Other Tools - ITsGuru

  • Semrush Sensor

 The Semrush Sensor tracks the volatility of Google SERPs based on daily rank changes and tracks any signs that may indicate updates to the Google algorithm. The results page is subject to change at any time as Google updates its ranking algorithms frequently. By allowing this tool to track Google behavior, you can determine if your industry is affected by changes in the industry than other Google search results.

Volatility score based on industry/category, score updates daily, integration with position tracking to measure the same of your own set of target keywords, comparison of SERP, AMP, Features, and HTTPS functionality across various industries, and customization of notifications to stay on top of any severe inconsistencies.

  • Panguin Tool

The Panguin SEO Tool is one of the best free online SEO tools available on the market. It shows you the effects and consequences of all Google algorithm updates on your website. To get more views through search engine optimization, it is crucial to learn what has previously impacted your website and where you have gained less visibility. Panguin shows what can happen from it so it can be easily solved.

Panguin’s workflow never communicates with your Google Analytics data. Instead, it uses industry-standard protocols such as OAuth 2.0. Panguin uses databases and mines information about the effects and consequences of updates to Google’s search engine algorithms. It analyzes available data and determines what changes are needed to make your website more relevant.

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