SEO optimization is the term used to describe the set of processes that aims to improve the position of your website in Google, these processes are based on strategies that work both within your website and outside of it, the part off-page, which is perhaps the least known strategy.

In this article, we want to explain how to do off-page SEO and, furthermore, we will also tell you about the best strategies to analyze your off-page profile and check if the SEO strategy is working or not.

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We can define off-page SEO as the implementation of a series of techniques focused on obtaining external links that point to your website to improve organic positioning in Google.

In addition, thanks to these off-page actions, we manage to improve the page rank, it is a score that Google makes of each web page, and that influences its positioning.

The page rank takes into account different factors, among them, the most decisive are: quality and quantity of links that point to your website, value of those contents, number of visits and clicks on those links, etc.


There are many actions to get links to your website and improve domain authority, below we explain 3 of the most important off-page strategies:

Link building strategy

The link building strategy is a fundamental SEO strategy when it comes to positioning a web page. The objective of link building is to increase the domain authority of your web page thanks to the generation of external links that point to your page.

Take advantage of social networks

One of the most effective off-page SEO strategies is to create or participate in communities on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. It is important to use them based on a strategy, always seeking the active participation of users, without it becoming a spam channel, so as not to be penalized by Google.

In short, using social networks helps improve the positioning of your website, thanks to the insertion of links to pages of services or products, or blog articles.

Quality blogs

Another of the most important strategies is to create a quality blog on your own website and update it with interesting content for users. Thanks to this strategy, we managed to improve the positioning of the page due to the traffic that comes through those blog articles and, in addition, we managed to attract interest to other web pages that want to exchange links.


Both strategies are complementary and ultimately have the same objective, but their way of working is different. While on-page SEO focuses on optimizing the internal aspects of the web (image optimization, error resolution, text optimization…), off-page strategies are focused on improving SEO with actions that take place outside the page.


To measure and analyze how the off-page SEO of your website is initially and also check how it is evolving and if the strategy is working, you can use the following tools:


Thanks to this tool, we can see the DR score that your website has, the number of links that point to your page, the number of referring domains, the authority of those links, if they are nofollow or dofollow… In addition, it has filters to be able to investigate much faster and easier.


Mozbar is an SEO toolbar that provides quick access to the most basic metrics, such as: number of incoming links, outgoing links, keywords used by users when they find you on Google…

SEO site tools

This tool is a Chrome extension that provides a complete off-page SEO analysis: links, page rank, social influence… It is a quick and easy way to see an SEO analysis of the website.

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