Business means putting in a lot of work and efforts. If you are running a solar company, you would already know that how challenging it is to generate solar leads. The solar industry is blooming in the Australia and estimation says more than 10 million Australians may look to opt for solar energy.

Even though the estimated numbers are high is it is challenging to find qualified solar leads. It is essential to have continuous leads, it helps you avoid stagnancy throughout the year. You need a lead generator strategy which is related to the market and helps attract customers.

Here are 6 ways to generate a steady flow of incoming leads:

1. Keep an updated website

There are more than 2 million websites already created in the internet space. But most of these websites are not updated and maintained. But it is not enough to maintain an attractive and high-quality website. To attract visitors, you need to create some unique and engaging content. Content will always be the king in attracting visitors to your site.

Offer interesting articles about your niche to the visitors. Keep contact information attached to the content. This way you know all your leads and conduct a regular follow up.  This is how you can generate leads through an excellent website.

2. Leverage Social Media Channels

Irrespective of age or gender every person is using social media these days. We should undoubtedly take advantage of such substantial media platforms. It is to create a social media presence. Just share interesting, informative, creative content. You will sure get organic traffic. Also, send a request to people to like your page. The same way you can leverage out other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat. Ask out people loud to like your page.

Social media is an amazing way to generate interest in your company and potential leads too. Just be sure that you do not make the mistake that most of the businesses do once they set up their social media pages, i.e. creating a page and then forgetting about it. If you have created a page update relevant information on it regularly.

3. Customer References

Suppose you conduct a high-quality solar installation at competitive prices then your customers will be greatest assets. A strong customer recommendation is a foundation for generating organic leads. You can create more than 30% leads if you have customer reference.

How will you generate customer reference? You can give them a referral bonus or incentives to create solar leads.  A bonus for every lead is attractive for any consumer. But relying entirely on referrals is that it is unpredictable to forecast the new customer base, especially when it is about a product like solar panels.

4. Go For Automation

An automation approach is the least labor-intensive than any other methods. There are apps made to track your customers and market your business. Pop-ups ads help in targeting your market.

Prospective clients would want to know more about your product can merely enter contact information. You can, in turn, collect data to generate more solar leads. Get a marketing platform made and manage your old and new clients in a systematic way.

5. The Old School Marketing With Digitization.

Well, there is no replacement to a face-to-face meeting, this is one of the oldest forms of generating leads and converting them. Hand out a few flyers to the customers where you are already installing the solar equipment. Give the owner a little information about the product and for further details ask him to quote back to the office.

But in the digital world is far easier to get there with an app generating solar leads without setting foot in the neighborhood. There are apps in assisting in transforming cold call encounters into leads. The app can create quotes immediately for the leads.  Cold calls are easily encountered in potential leads.

In the digitized form, your lead doesn’t have to wait for the concerned person to wait for the details of the product. You don’t have to leave your office for explaining them about the product and prices.

6. Go Viral With Videos

Video marketing is the most viral thing on any media platform. Producing entertaining and informative videos and posting them online will create hype among potential clients. YouTube is a free platform to upload your video. Make sure you put enough information.

You can increase the traffic flow by targeting for pennies click options. Once you are viral in the internet space, you have a bag full of leads for a year at least.

Getting those solar leads is undoubtedly a challenging task for business houses. And it is even more challenging to maintain the steady inflow of leads. You need to figure out where your business stands and choose marketing channels accordingly.

As the millennials and the Gen-Z are opting for more environment-friendly products and energy. Solar energy is undoubtedly one of the booming markets among them. Going digital is vital to target this vast generation of market space.

Hence, choose the most appropriate strategy according to your location and targeted potential leads.