Video content is creating more buzz and leads online.  Marketers are opting for video marketing. A white paper by Cisco says that 85% of online content will be video content by 2019. Maximum consumers of the mobile data content are using audio and video services. The mobile traffic is 60 % of the total mobile data and by 2021 it is expected that 78 % of mobile data consumers will consume video content.

The most significant video venue is YouTube currently having more than 1 billion users and 1 billion hours watched on a daily basis. The primary audience of the video platform is between age 18 to 34. YouTube wants to reach more people than any cable network or channel in the USA.

Just like other aspects of digital marketing an increased viewership of videos needs a strong strategy and some best practices.


SEO Video Content Optimization

Here are some of the best practices which you can follow.

Your video content needs to be seen. There are many channels and many users on YouTube that getting noticed takes some real work. To make your video visible, you need to make some actionable SEO strategy.

Some basic strategies include-

1. Name Your Channel

First aim to have the first 500 subscribers for your channel. As to claim a vanity URL, a channel must have 500 subscribers first. The channel should also be 30 days old. To have a vanity channel, you must upload a photo for the channel icon and upload channel banner.

2. Use Channel Keywords

The Channel Keywords are meta tags that will help users find your channel in Google, YouTube, and other search engines. Channel tags are very similar to video tags. The only difference is that channel tags are used for ranking your channel and video tags help in ranking a particular video.

With the channel keywords element, you can place essential keywords to drive traffic to channels content. Wherever the Google band hammer falls as slowly as it does on the search engines. Using more YouTube optimized keywords within search engine parameters to make sure the channel gets high ranking on Google.

The influence of channel keywords has an impact when the user searches some of the things only on your channel. Remember channel is always different than video so using different keywords than a particular video is essential.

Choose a channel keyword relative to your context keyword. Use long-tail but very general keywords for your channel.

3. Channel Description

Don’t forget to describe the niche of your channel. Like the way you describe each video, your channel description is equally important as it will have an impact on the search engines. Moreover, you surely want your users to know about your channel.

Your channel keywords are the perfect space to add your focus keywords intelligently. Channel description has two main purposes to serve online:

  1. They can take part in rankings and title description. This is where you can influence the algorithm machines.
  2. With your channel description, you give the brand message to your audience. With the channel description, you influence people and increase the number of subscribers.


It is essential you learn to communicate with your potential audience with optimizing your video content.  Speak to Google algorithms and get a higher ranking for your YouTube channel.

Creating a successful channel is a lot more than just creating videos. The ranking is important to get that subscription you desire. Doing SEO for YouTube is very similar to doing SEO for Google. So be careful on how you describe your channel and yourself. YouTube takes every SEO action very seriously. An ideal video optimization will get you at the top of the ranking ladder.