Backlinks are, apart from a content and RankBrain, one of the most important criteria used by Google for PageRank.

The truth is that without effective backlinks building strategies your website has no chance for ranking high in the search results.

Why? Because the Internet is built on links. They also refer to high-quality content and are the important source of information about your website.

High-quality backlinks are absolutely essential for SEO and your website´s strong online presence.

Why your website needs high-quality backlinks

Thanks to good, high-quality and carefully integrated backlinks, your website will rank higher in search engines which result in more traffic on your website. Thus, good backlinks building strategies, not only directly improve the website´s position in rankings but also, provide additional signals that are measurable. Website achieves trust and higher awareness through links and thereby strengthening the brand itself.

How to build up an organic link building strategy?

A good starting point is to analyze and set budget and expectations. Think what you want to achieve with effective link building campaign. Remember, that the more relevant link to your website, the more valuable it is and help to achieve the formulated goals faster and more effective.  The optimal solution would be to put your expectations (wishes) in relation to your budget. It, therefore, makes more sense to define the goals exclusively to the number of links to be established within a certain period of time. But, you can’t forget, that organic link building is difficult to measure in terms of numbers. The much more important factor here is the quality and origin of the link. Quality in aspects of link building is much more important than quantity.

Which backlinks are high-quality backlinks?

There are different types of backlinks. Therefore, it is important to know which one of the ones that works well for your website. How to recognize the high-quality backlinks?

There are backlinks that have a big, positive impact on your website, there are some with very little impact but are still positive and there are the last ones, that you should definitely avoid, that type of backlink can harm your website.

Backlinks from authoritative websites

Let´s start with defining what the authoritative website is. An authoritative website is like a person that you can trust and rely on the given words and information.

Unfortunately, today it is rather difficult to identify an authoritative website and we can’t rely only on metrics. If you want to find out if the website is authorities, you have to dig into it. Spend some time and put some effort.

But, you can help yourself with some signals of trust. It could be a social engagement. If the website is posting regularly valuable content which is well shared, liked, commented and spread on Google Plus, it means that the community trust it and that is already a great sign.

Backlinks from relevant websites

Backlinks that come from related industries weight much more than unrelated backlinks. It is quite logical though. Why should website for football fans link to a furniture store? If it happens, it looks unnatural and it won`t be any help for your website.

Professional SEO services

Link building is a long-term, time-consuming process which requires constant action, analyzing and reporting. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t have enough time or knowledge it is good to hire professionals. If you decide to hire an SEO agency, they will help you with SEO optimization and built effective link building strategy.

Doesn’t matter if you run a small business or promote a big brand, link building is crucial. Professional and experienced SEO agency can help you to execute potential link building campaign.