“I provide the best potential customers service, and that is enough to build my reputation”, is how every businessman wants their business to be. But the era we live in, where consumers pull the shots and play a vital role in making or breaking your online reputation. Just a bit of

It’s just a bit of discomfort, and they take it to social media, leaving you a 1-star or a 2-star review that negatively affects your business. A negative reputation can quickly kill your business overnight and diminish all the hard work you put into building your business.

A negative reputation can easily kill your business overnight.

Although reputation is an intangible concept, it is still a fact that a good reputation always increases corporate worth and provides a lasting competitive advantage. A business can quickly achieve sustainable growth if it has a good reputation among its customers. Nowadays, the digital world has stilted everything under its control; people tend to see and spread their opinions online for all to see.

If we rewind to the days before the Internet, business reputation was primarily based on word of minimal mouth reach. Therefore it is essential to know online reputation profoundly and manage it. Let’s start with the basic definition of Online Reputation Management.

What is Online Reputation Management?

In the Digital Sphere, Online Reputation Management refers to monitoring the reputation of an individual or brand and a process to control what shows up when someone looks up online.

It is vital to keep your business safe from negative reviews. There are many tools companies can use to notify about negative stories by setting up alerts and responding to damaging levels. Online Reputation Management intends to maintain balance, check misleading trends, improve search results and allow users to put their best foot forward.

It also assists in building a brand image. Not only do people look at the Internet as the primary source of information, but they also trust what it tells them. More evidently, people tend to decide based on what they read online. Therefore, it’s clear that what happens online affects one’s life.

Importance of Online Reputation Management

How your product is described online directly impacts your business purchasing decision career. Items that are related negatively can damage even your built reputation. There are four reasons why building an online reputation is that important.

1. People judge your business based on your reviews

If we take a simple example: Every Day, over one billion names are searched on Google search engine, imagine if job recruiters are looking for a potential employee online, they will check the person’s profile on every social site and call them up making judgments about what they find. It is the same scenario for your products/services. If people find vital negative feedback, their minds automatically give confusing statements like “Should I even waste my money on this”.

72% of Internet Users trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. People are highly into Reviews. They plan to buy the shampoo they are using; some buy the product only if they find positive reviews. Therefore if you are not doing anything to help your product/services get positive reviews, it will not sell quickly.

Also, if you are not stopping negative reviews for your business, you are bound to lose potential business.

2. Provides insight on your business

If you happen to post something indifferent regarding politics, your sad break-up or anything, you cannot turn off the gossip on you in social media. Similarly, if your business.

Happen to be a part of some negative story; then, a lot is part of a stake from a business point of view. A good reputation can help you positively in your business.

A good reputation can help you positively in your business. 

Those were the days when issues never mattered due to limited sources. Still, today people are ready to do anything to maintain their reputation as there are unlimited sources that can destroy your reputation quickly. Maintaining a stable relationship with everybody is not easy, so there are chances you get a negative story somewhere for something that you can locate and remove using many Online Reputation tools.

3. Builds Trust

Social Media has allowed all its users to share their opinions about anything anywhere. People take social media, and businesses and public figures are trolling for no reason.

If your company has a negative story somewhere, it will spread like wildfire. Positive reviews online naturally build trust in people.

4. Increases Sales

If people trust your brand, it is undeniable that products are sold easily. Customers or Investors depend on Google reviews and search online surveys. Social media and search engines have become an important marketing strategy. Whether your business is new or old, you have to strengthen the online presence strategies

What is the business you searched for in the last 12 months? According to the survey conducted in 2010, from 19 possible choices, the most searched businesses were:

– Restaurants/ Cafes
– Hotels
– Guesthouse
– General Shop
– Dentists
– Doctors

It proves that more and more people are searching for a local business online, which means finding what they get is more important. They even admitted that 65% of people read between 2 and 10 reviews about the company and judgment. Online reputation management is critical to driving new business and customer sales.

5. Prioritizes Balance

Online Reputation Management Services invalidates human bias for gossip, allowing that the materials that matter are not influenced by the rumors. There needs to be a balance between an accurate representation of an algorithm and truthfulness. If this is not done, there is a need to develop an Online Reputation Management Strategy to protect the users’ interests.


It is evident how Online Reputation Management has become an important strategy to gain Online Reputation boost credibility. Brands should not only be managing but actively working towards improving and developing their online reputation.

Brands grow fast as the Internet changes, and digital content is ruling. Search engines are connected like strings with a brand’s reach and awareness that business owners are required to stay competitive by taking a few other strategies to brand development like:

– Content marketing
– Social Media marketing
– Search engine optimization
– Video marketing

Digital marketers that have figured the perfect mixture of these strategies will succeed in their marketing efforts.

Building a more substantial online presence and taking all the necessary steps to prevent negative feedback is one great way to avoid negatively affecting your business.

What are the struggles with managing your online reputation, and how are you dealing with it? Let me know in the comments below.