Marketers get ready to adapt to the newest SEO trends for 2019. The internet has become the most important marketing place for any business to outgo competition.

Your competitors have already shown their presence online. You can get a competitive edge some exceptional SEO. Adopting the ever-changing SEO techniques will help you stay in the banking realm.

Search engine optimization is the crux marketing strategy for decades. This year Google will rock your SEO game with its mobile and speed related efforts. So get ready to make most of the SEO changes in this direction.

Let’s get started with 2019 SEO trends.

1. Mobile Optimization

People are more turning to their mobile phones for online searches. It makes sense as phones are smaller and portable versions of computers. Whenever your potential audience gets time, the phone is the first thing they will use for a quick search of surf. Google started migrating sites to the mobile first index since March 2018.

Mobile first indexing means Google will first use the mobile version of your page for indexing and ranking on Google. So mobile-first is the latest buzz. If you have not optimized your websites mobile version, now is the time to get started with it. This does not mean you ignore the desktop version. Google will use the mobile version for ranking once you have migrated your site.

It is time you plan and implement your mobile-friendly site without any delay. This does not mean that a website without mobile optimized or isolated mobile version, will be delisted or can face a penalty. Suppose your site has an only desktop version of content and that loads faster you won’t have any issues. But this is usually not the scenario, desktop version of content don’t do well in the smartphone processor.

To check your sites mobile user experience, use Google Webmaster tool.

2. Voice Search

Voice search is the future. It is already time you include these features in your website. It is assumed that 50 % of the searches will be voice searches by 2020.

Voice searches are longer than the keyboard searches. Therefore, your SEO needs to concentrate on searching for keywords that are seven to nine words long that people will use during a conversation. These keywords are often a question.

Divide your questions to lead your searcher through sales funnel. Make keyword search questions like-

  • What questions
  • How questions
  • When questions
  • Where questions

Voice search growth is expected in 2019 with the everyday growth in artificial intelligence device.

More and more homes are opting for AI devices like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Homepod and Google’s Home. You might but Alexa as you want to start your car or adjust the air conditioning you will end up using the device to search for a budget hotel deal.

Voice search optimization requires more research and implementation by marketers in 2019.

3. The brand is the new ranking signal

Google Webmaster Trend Analysts suggests that Google uses brand mentions online in its search algorithm. There are two ways you can use a brand as a ranking signal.

If your brand has some unlinked brand mentions the search engine will learn that your brand is an entity. Realizing the further properties mentioning it. Google now knows a better picture of your authority in a field.

Context matters. Every component has a sentiment and context like reputation, trust, advertising, complaint solving, etc. Context helps Google understand the good from the bad. Reputation surely has an impact on your rankings. The sentiment around the brand affects the site’s rankings.

Backlinks are strong, but building fast backlinks is not a white hat business. You can use the power of link fewer backlinks. Carter your reputation. Try to address customer issues with your brand. Engage with clients.

4. User intent optimization

The marketing world research is still about the searcher’s intention and the specific keyword they will type in the search engine. SEO is not about stuffing keywords in your web pages. SEO is about integrating keywords into your webpage. By integrating keywords, you deliver what you have promised to the consumer.

If anyone is searching for a particular keyword phrase in the search engine, then the search engine would give the most accurate and helpful result. For searchers, a more accurate and prudent result gives them a good idea if they should do any business with you.

Intent optimization is the future as voice search holds a primary search option in 2019. Keep yourself in the searches position frame the long tail intent keyword. The consumer doesn’t need to search with the turn coated keywords; instead, they can precisely search for the product or service they are looking for.

5. Page Speed

Google loves fast and best UX. If you have the fastest loading page both website and mobile, then your ranking is undoubtedly going on page one.

The thing that should be considered is the metrics that matter the most for Google in the page speed revolution. How your page loads to each visitor are significant apart from technical page loading speed.


Relevant keywords and backlinks are the foundation of SEO. But 2019 will be more than that. You will need to concentrate on integrating mobile sites and voice search optimization. Local websites that can achieve niche focused content will be gaining the love from Google SEO algorithm. Consumers usually choose options that are near them.