In today’s world, utilizing a chatbot is a great way to incorporate some basic customer support that can help your customers, as well as help relieve you of the monotony of answering the same questions over and over again. And while there are many chatbots out there, one of the best and most popular chat bots on the market today is ManyChat, as they offer many variable solutions for integrating your social media accounts, website, and even your e-mailing marketing into one big package.

In this guide, we’ll tell you a bit about marketing with ManyChat, as well as help you choose the right way to learn how to use and program your ManyChat bot for your own individual desires and needs the right way, to better help your business (we’ll explain how too).

Marketing with ManyChat

When you learn how to properly market with your ManyChat bot, you’re going to learn how to incorporate not only a personality, but be able to make your bot respond to customers so that it will make them feel that you built the experience just for them as an individual. Using a smartbot is so much more than just answering customer’s questions. You’ll learn how to use things like animations, as well as give your bot emotions so your bot can speak for you and represent you as a person.

At the same time, you’ll learn how to use things like suggestive sales (if a person is looking for something you can make your bot respond with one of your products that will offer them a solid solution to their problem or concern). Using marketing techniques like this can also increase your revenue all while helping your customer end up solving their problem, which gives you a better reputation as well, and can greatly give you the most on your ROI (return on investment)

What Do You Get with A Good Course?

When you’re wanting to learn proper marketing techniques, you want a course that can teach you how to integrate more than just your website or Facebook Messenger with your ManyChat bot. You want a ManyChat marketing course that will teach you how to make your bot benefit you the most, as well as be able to connect and synchronize many different platforms into one so your ManyChat bot can provide even more for your customers, your company, and yourself.

Make your bot be your representative, your technical support specialist, your e-mail marketing manager and more by utilizing and connecting everything together. Most courses won’t teach you how to do this, or they’ll just teach you how they did it for their company, which doesn’t always benefit yours because every person and company is different. You want a course that can teach you standardized information from a reputable source. Don’t just pay an average freelancer for your tutorials either, as they’re just usually in it for the quick buck.


Smart Bot Marketers offers full-blown ManyChat courses that can help you build your bot for your company the way you need it to, as well as provide free consultation. Not only that, but many users, companies, and freelancers will provide courses for an arm and a leg, and the owners at ManyChat marketers don’t think you should have to pay that. They give you an extensively valued course for a fraction of the price so you can better help your customers and build yourself a solid “marketing employee” so you have less work to do when it’s all said and done!