A lot of marketing in this day and age is done digitally. Physical, old style marketing is done a lot less in this day and age, which when you look at modern technology, makes sense. However, certain businesses should not ignore physical marketing. You should instead look for a way to incorporate both styles into your marketing efforts. Of course, some businesses will be predisposed to one or the other, but completely ruling one out is never a good idea.

Old Marketing Still Works

Take a restaurant for example. Posting fliers with money off vouchers will work. As would presenting a photo book portfolio of your food to a local influencer. They come and review your food and post about it online and you pull in a chunk of sales. Simple as that. A perfect example of physical and digital marketing working together as one. Another example. Say your product applies to students. Then putting up posters around student areas and campuses will work too. Physical marketing isn’t as powerful as it was due to the internet, but it still has its place.

Physical Marketing Allows Showcasing

Being able to hand a client a portfolio or to send them one in the post is super impactful. You can outline all of the work you’ve done in the past and show them why they should hire you. High quality photo prints, with you being able to explain everything, works a lot better than them having to scroll through your website. It also gives you the ability to customize each photo book before sending it out to your client. It’s great for those big spending, high ticket clients who you really want to close. You can purchase bulk photo books before heading to a conference or before sending proposals off to multiple clients to save you money too. 

How to Find The Time

As a business owner you might find it hard to design a portfolio or photo book, commit to digital marketing and look for new opportunities. It’s why there are so many other businesses out there offering marketing services. Finding the right company in itself can be hard but it means you still have time to spend on your business. If you’re operating a startup then you may have to do it all yourself. Practicing good time management will be key to your marketing efforts. It’ll be hard at first but once you’ve focused on your productivity and gotten into a good flow things will become easier. Plus, as the business grows you might be able to hire someone. 

How To Work Out Which Marketing Stream Is Best For You

There are tried and tested marketing methods for different kinds of businesses. You can quite easily see which works best for you. However, to be seen head and shoulders above the competition you might have to do things differently. For example, launching a product and marketing it on Amazon is totally different in terms of how you’d advertise it, compared to advertising a product on your own website. It’s not just about deciding whether to go physical or digital, it’s about fixing your marketing strategy to match the medium on which you’re selling.