If you are a roofing contractor, one of the best ways to grow your business is by finding new leads. Homeowners and business owners alike often find themselves in need of roofing repairs or roof installation services. Connecting with these consumers is an excellent way to generate new business.

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The tips that follow should help you start finding more leads right away, allowing you to reach the level of success that you deserve.

1. Identify Your Target Market

Obtaining customers is a lot easier when you target people who are interested in the services that you offer. By carefully looking at your past customers, you can identify key characteristics that they share. For instance, they may all be located in the same geographic region or they might all be part of the same market segment.

When creating your marketing plan, focus on customers who have a lot of the same traits as your current clients.

You may find it worthwhile to purchase customer lists from companies that specialize in data analysis for marketing purposes. These lists usually include detailed information, helping you identify people or businesses that could benefit from your services.

2. Create Eye-Catching Advertising Materials

People often pay more attention to how a roof looks than they do to how it functions. Take advantage of this in your marketing materials by featuring beautiful photographs of roofs. This can help potential customers visualize how a new roof could benefit their property. Whether you are marketing through direct mail or email, high-quality photos can make a big difference.

If you don’t have an eye for design, there are plenty of templates out there that you can use for email marketing. These templates will help you design attractive, beautifully formatted messages that get results.

3. Think About Your Timing

The most popular times for major home renovations are the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Try to have your marketing materials ready to go before these seasons hit. Otherwise, your competitors could beat you to the punch, snapping up all of the local business before you even send out your advertisements.

The best time to start marketing is when winter is winding down and the temperatures are starting to rise. Consider offering a promotional deal to customers to get them to jump on board right away. Once you have secured enough clients, you can then return your prices to your standard rates.

4. Use Mobile Tools to Discover Leads

Once you set up an appointment for an estimate, your odds of capturing business from that customer are extremely high. When you are on the hunt for new clients, consider using mobile tools to facilitate your search.

As an example, you can use a mobile map to discover potential leads within a specific distance of the location where you currently are. These tools can help keep you from driving all over town. Instead, you can focus on getting clients who are all located in the same basic area to save time.

Mobile apps can also help you reduce your driving time by mapping out the shortest route to get wherever you need to go.

5. Set Up A Website

Today, most roofing leads come from online customers. When people are searching for someone to work on their roofs, they typically start the process online using a search engine. Putting together a professionally designed website for your business and filling it with helpful content is the best way to connect with customers in your region who could benefit from your services.

When creating content for your site and your newsletter, think about the type of information that your subscribers would benefit from. For instance, you could answer common questions or address issues that they may be facing.

Final Thoughts

Discovering new leads for your roofing business is simply a matter of targeting the right people. When you provide the right message to consumers who are in the market for the services that you offer, you are practically guaranteed to find new customers.