Outdoor TV covers have been so popular these days because most people want to watch their favorite television programs and even movies outside their living room and bedroom while at home. There has been comfort felt when watching the favorite Netflix series in the poolside or in the Patio area. So, if you already wall-mounted or hang your outdoor TV, of course, you need to buy one of the best outside TV covers today. But you also have to know the things about the flat screen covers that are currently available on the market.

Primarily, choosing the right TV cover is difficult. There are various considerations you need to understand. Upon buying one, you can get a free guide from which you’ll be able to know how to use the TV cover and how to take good care of it for it to last longer. You have to buy a cover because it is for protection of your investment. The money you used to buy your expensive television is an investment. Therefore, you must protect it by way of using a sturdy and long-lasting TV cover.

First Rule When Buying Outside TV Covers: Measure the Correct Size of Your TV

‘Being fit in size!’You have to see to it that what you’re going to purchase has an appropriate size as your TV. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your money to buy something that is of no use. How to do the right measurement process? From edge to edge. This is the main secret. You need to have a measurement tool (i.e. a tape measure) and make sure to list down the correct size of your television unit from edge to edge. Get the right vertical and horizontal numbers in inches (the standard measurement unit being used). For example, if you have 55 inches TV, it is clear that the outside TV cover you’ll use is fit for your 55-inch TV.

I mentioned above that the correct way of measuring the size is to consider edge to edge. When getting the right vertical (height) measurement, you have to start getting the measurement in inches from bottom going up. And exclude the stand of your TV because it if you’ll include it, it may lead to an oversized TV cover. In the same, to have the correct width measurement, you can start from left going right.

The next to measure is the thickness or depth of your television unit. From front to back with the use of inches or centimeters. And please take note that the modern LCD, LED, and Plasma TVs today do not exceed 5 inches in terms of thickness.

The right measurement is the key to avoid regrets after the purchase of your TV cover. It is an important thing to prioritize before you’re going to buy one.

Outdoor TV Lifespan Is Always Compromised Due to Weather Condition

You have to be very careful with the lifespan of your television unit. Anytime, your TV will be damaged if not protected well. The changing weather conditions are the main foe that you have to consider. That’s why you have to consider buying weatherproof TV covers that can be used for a longer period of time. By this way, your outdoor TV lifespan will be extended as it should be.

Buy a TV cover that is made from high-quality materials, like those TV covers made by Garnetics. This company is ensuring that their Plasma television covers are made from quality oxford vinyl material with Velcro fasteners right on the back of the cover and around the edges. The TV cover can easily be dried and cleaned. And because they’re made from durable and tested materials, they guarantee weatherproof and waterproof TV covers that anyone can buy and use.

Wall-mounting your television unit outside (in the swimming pool area for instance) is no longer a problem. They can resist against the challenge of any weather conditions and they can last longer. They’re designed as well to protect your TV from unexpected stray animals. For sure, your investment can be well protected if you have one of the best-selling outside TV covers today.

Choose the Right Option of a TV Cover

Actually, there are 3 main options: Full, Half, and Flip-Top TV Cover. The question is which one is going to be chosen and bought? Well, the general answer to this question is it depends on the mounting style of your television. But, you have to secure and protect your TV through a full TV cover.

Full TV Cover

It will protect your entire TV. No risk because the entire television is protected from any harm. When you’re not home, you won’t be worried that your TV will be damaged by any possible factor because it is fully protected. Another good thing with it is that it is fit for all types of TV wall-mounting. There are also full TV covers that have pouches at the back with the purpose of enclosing the remote control as well as the other accessories that you may have.

Half TV Cover

Is it advisable? This is only good if your television is placed in an area that is difficult to be reached by stray animals or by burglars.  It is also suitable for all kinds of wall-mounting. It may usually come with a draw cord feature that tightens the back area. And like the full covers, it may also be waterproof and weatherproof.

Flip-Top TV Cover

Some people love this type of an outdoor TV cover because of the convenience it provides. All you need to do when you have one is to just flip it up and then roll it upward every time you watch your TV for entertainment purpose. It may also come with a built-in pouch for the protection of your TV accessories and the remote control.

By buying one of the best and most durable TV covers today, it gives you the assurance that you can protect your 55 Inch LED, LCD, or Plasma TV. But you have to make sure that you can get the right one that suits your demand and needs to avoid wasting money.