Real estate is an ever-changing industry; when your business starts settling into a successful routine, new marketing trends come in as a surprise. Staying updated with the latest trends is a critical component for a prosperous real estate career or business. Social media plays a very important role in determining the overall real estate marketing strategies.

You have to put in considerable efforts to stay ahead of the marketing trends and be an early adopter to reap maximum benefits. If you want to succeed in marketing your real estate business, you need to be creative with technology and must be aware of all real estate marketing tools.

In this current digital and highly-competitiveera, usually, buyers use their smartphone to search real estate properties. This saves time and effort for the buyer, but at the same time, it puts immense pressure of real estate marketers to stand out of the crowd in the digital landscape. Never underestimate the power of optimizing your real estate business for mobile phones.

Let’s get started! Here are the most popular and latest real estate digital marketing trends:

1. Smart Automation:

This is the fundamental real estate marketing trend and it is gaining steam right now. Numerous real estate agents are looking to save time and they have already begun to automate the process. Marketing automation is on the rise and many applications such as ManyChat and Intercom allow you to build a multi-faceted automation series. This can be triggered easily as it is based on definite rules when a visitor lands on your website.

There are many different ways you can automate to develop your powerful relationship with your clients:

  • Start developing text message marketing campaigns to engage with buyers.
  • Create an email campaign that will automatically filter your list and send a series of email based on their preferences.
  • Use chatbots on your website in order to reach out to visitors and engage them in a conversation.

2. Social media helps to build trust:

Social media is very helpful to build a brand identity and trust between customers. Here are some ideas regarding that:

  • Never provide exaggerated information, especially online; high-sounding claims deteriorate trust rather than building it.
  • You can use social media to post various activities like renovation. Go ahead to Instagram and Facebook stories to give amazing ideas to clients.
  • Use Facebook live for business.
  • Create 360-degree photos or videos as it is best for engaging with audiences. These wide angled shots are tempting for real estate marketing.
  • Set up some keyword searches to alert people when potential customers are looking to buy or sell a home.

As a real estate agent, firstly you need to build trust. If you start sharing a blog post and offer free information with your followers, they will start trusting your expertise.

3. Videos:

Movements and colors have always been the reason forcapturing clients’ attention. You can make some pictures and put them in iMovie or Magisto to create a quick video. Nowadays, it is a smart way to post live videos on social media where you can answer questions of your followers. It’s a big plus for branding or property promotion.

There is an astronomical rise of videos in real estate marketing, and it isn’t only Youtube that is offering a platform for sharing ads. You can use Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat for video ads so that you can reach wider clients. A business can develop marketing strategies by including catchy video content that attracts the audience in a matter of seconds. Agents can also take help from a reliable digital marketing agency to make a video that grabs attention span.

4. Become an influencer:

You can use the power of online reviews to become an influencer. Agents must work hard to have a large number of clients that comment on their work. Secondly, agents can write in a local newspaper or blogs about real estate. Further, you can allow your clients to get a real and honest sense of your company through various posts on social media.

5. Make some content:

Developing content is another real estate marketing trend. It increases brand awareness and reputation in the market. You can find ways to develop your own content. Content creation is a huge transition and this isn’t about advertorial sales. The agent can build a client network by helping them with free property advice and market updates.

Clients will start commenting and give you tips related to home improvement. This will add the most value to your property career or business. This will enable you to maintain existing relationships and attract new ones.

For instance, if the buyer is searching for a property in San Francisco, he will continue to see the agency ads for real estate. You need to be robust and innovative with technology and tools available in the digital world.

If you want to earn millions as a property agent, a very big part is to stay on the top marketing trends. You can set marketing goals to know where you should focus throughout the year. Adapt your marketing efforts with the hottest real estate marketing trends.