Does your managed services website need to captivate more of the right visitors? Does it need Sales Conversion Value to convert more leads and sell more sales?

If you answered “Yes” to these questions, you’re certainly in the right place!

In this piece of content, you’ll learn nine marketing tips that help you convert your website visitors into leads and end close with more sales from these new prospects.

Without further ado let’s begin;

1. Optimize Your, Website

When we hear the words “optimize” and “website” in the same sentence, they immediately think search engine optimization or “SEO.”

The problem with that approach is that SEO usually prioritizes search engine spiders at the cost of your most valuable website visitors.

Also, it’s essential to make sure that SEO knowledge is kept current. What may have been borderline tolerable in the SEO world (gray hat) as recently as 12-18 months ago could now get your website severely penalized. As everything on-page SEO is vital. It just can be that it isn’t the whole story.

Thus, It’s more essential to focus on optimizing your website around consumer’s personas such as their – pain points, behaviors, and goals.

2. Blog At Least two-three Times a Week

Business blogging can be an effective way to draw the attention of targeted website visitors.

Approached correctly, with the right discipline, and process your blog can be a precious strategy for seizing the right visitors to your website and getting website content indexed.

Concentrate on updating your blog at least two to three times each week, with remarkable content, that addresses your buyer’s questions and problems.

3. Magnify Your Blog Posts and Other Content with Social Media

Have you ever clicked the “Publish” or “Post” button on your blogging software and all you hear are crickets? Or the hum of your fluorescent office interior?

It’s unlikely that there are hundreds of thousands of followers keenly expecting or waiting for your next blog post. So you need a proper method or way to increase your blog posts, and you never know social media might be the ticket!
But to do so, you need to get educated about social media and implement a solid game plan.

How should it be decided which social media networks are worth participating in? You know what? The fact is -you don’t decide!! Instead, ask your clients which social media they use, so you ensure that you’re focused on the channels that are relevant in finding more clients just like your current clients.

And the best part is you don’t need to ask or survey. Visit your clients’ websites, and you’ll find the answer staring you right in the face with social media icons.

4. Develop Content that Addresses Each Sales Stage

For each buyer role, you need at least one content offer for each sales cycle stage:

  • Researching the problem
  • Establishing buying criteria
  • Evaluating vendors

A content offer, also sometimes called premium content, is content that’s so important to a person that the reader is willing to pay for it with their contact information. Premium content is a secret sauce that turns targeted website visitors into leads.

At the end of the sales process or the bottom of the cone as it’s often called, leads are most fascinated in offers for, demos, needs assessments, free trials, and custom quotes. And implementing those have been proven to be successful tools.

5. Create Landing Pages that Convert Website Visitors into Leads

Now that you’ve developed content for each ideal prospect for each stage of the sales cycle, it’s time to gate the premium content behind landing pages.

Landing pages are like 24/7 employees that once set up correctly, sit there, and collect leads day, night, weekends, and even holidays. A new landing page gets created for every premium content offer.

But what in real does it take to get the landing page conversion rate way up there (at least 25%)? Tempt visitors with an offer that’s so irresistible; they can’t help but take you upon it. How do you know what’s irresistible? Research and Research!

6. Pin the Conversion Process

It helps to think of the lead conversion process for your marketing approaches like bookends:

Left bookend: Your call to action (CTA) influence visitors to click the graphic and take action, so that they move from the current web page to the landing page

In the middle: Your landing page is where you put up for sale visitors on the value of an offer and why it’s more than worth trading their contact information for.

Right bookend: Your thank you page delivers on what was promised, manages expectations, tells leads what to do next, and attempts to move leads further along in the sales process.

As the most excellent practice, the thank you page information is also simultaneously e-mailed to leads for future reference.

7.Analyze and Integrate Data

Once you have acquired new clients and realized your goals, you need to chart what level of profit you achieve from them over time. This information, combined along the sales journey helps determine the real value of a conversion.

8. Know All stroke points Via Sales

Sales cycles are alike than many other businesses. The sales journey of clients can take months or even years. You need to capture all the data you can from all pinpoints in this sales journey.

To make this happen, sales and marketing need to look at revenue targets and outline how many leads are required. Just as essential-both sales and marketing need to be on the same page.

9. Delight Clients

Often when Managed IT Solutions Houston¬†providers are being asked what they do for marketing, you know what the most common answer is? “Word of mouth.”

But let’s be honest here- Marketing professionals, word of mouth isn’t “doing” marketing. It’s more like rejection. Or hopeful of winning the lottery without buying tickets or even being eligible to win.

However, if you do an excellent job with everything else and delight your clients, you’ll get word of mouth referrals that will boost the number of leads and increase the sales revenue.

In the age of social media and the critical importance of client retention to a recurring revenue-based model, delighting clients is everyone’s job!

Final Insights

From a realistic standpoint, ensure your employees and clients are well trained and kept happy. If either of these investments are neglected, your clients will know about it.

In this article, you’ve been introduced to nine marketing strategic tips that can facilitate and convert your website visitors into leads and close more sales from those leads.

Connect with us today to know more about the beneficial Marketing Strategies.