As a local company, you have scuffled to generate leads. Following old marketing techniques will definitely not help you grow your business as effectively as the new tactics do.

Some of the old style SEO techniques might help to some extent, but being a small business, you should make local SEO your best friend.

I have a cost-effective way to generate local leads for you. After following our ten most effective local SEO technique, you don’t have to waste your time on leads outside your service area.

For best results incorporate these ten local SEO techniques to generate your lead three times more.

1. NAP data

What is NAP data? NAP is the name, address and phone number. I am sure you all know this is obvious and you display it on your website too, but viewing it in the contact section of your site will not help you.

Customers want to see your phone number on your homepage and anywhere else on the internet. Your leads will not go to your contact page for details; you have to display them everywhere. This is because of how your potential customers or people search on the web; it’s usually on their mobile device.

No one is willing to look in the second location for your phone number or address.

NAP data for social media

All businesses should have a social media account. This is an era of social media and is an essential marketing tool for branding purpose.

Your NAP details should be in the front and center on all socials. Many people will hear about you through these platforms as their friends and other influencers will spread the word. It’s the most vital that you make your NAP information readily available on these platforms.

As per local SEO experts, Google & other search engines cross-check your NAP information on a variety of websites for validation about the legitimacy of your business. Therefore list correct NAP on all media platforms, directories, web, etc.

Add your company to local directories

If you want to grow your business locally, registering your business on local directories is very essential. This is most relevant for companies who are not on social media.

If this is just your start in the online marketing strategy, local directories will get your presence online and get higher search rankings without a dedicated site.

You can list your companies in local directories or industry specific directories like the BBB, Yelp,, IYP.

Add your company page on reviews site

Use review sites to monitor your online reputation. Reach out more customers. Know what your customers have to say about your business. They can write positive things or negative reviews.

You will increase your goodwill and these people will spread the news to more ten people. Some of the most popular review websites that local customers refer to are:

For a complete list of all the business review website read this post.

NAP data consistency

NAP is the necessary information like the name of the company, address and phone number, but it’s not just that. It is also about same formatting and same spelling on all sites, local directories and other internet platforms. You should ensure consistent NAP everywhere because the same information shows up on all profiles and in all registers. Search engines are detail oriented. This will help search engines understand about you in particular and help users to find you.

Honest Reviews

Now that you have listed on review sites which have a direct impact on your page ranking. Your purpose for this listing is to ask for honest reviews from your customers. Fake reviews do not have any positive effect on the business, in fact, it can have an adverse effect instead.

Location-specific key phrases

Optimization of general phrases like ‘Black dress,’ Italian food or local SEO, for instance, may work for large organizations who can afford to pay for search engine rankings, but they might not work well for a local business. Target the same keywords with your location included. Example; Black dress Texas, Italian Food Toronto, or Local SEO New York city.

Follow Longtail key phrase

A more extended phrase is always easier to rank. You can create a long tail key phrase based on location or based on your product or service name. E.g., black boho chick dress, black party gown.

Link and citation building

Link building is pertinent SEO tactic for all companies but is vital to gain local leads. Have your business linked to other local businesses having similar products, services and topics as yours.

Meta description

Metas are equally important so you should not ignore them. They are always posted by search engines on resulting page i.e they are the first thing your potential customers sees about your business. They do not affect your rankings directly, they do serve to attract your customers to click when they see your meta description. Meta descriptions should be well written and under 160 characters. Include relevant information, Keywords whenever possible in your meta description.

When you are optimizing to get more local leads for your organization small things matter more. These small techniques have a major impact on your business growth. Local SEO techniques are not huge marketing campaigns hence affordable for all. If incorporated with your business correctly can surely triple your leads.